Duck Hand-Operated Clutch System

The Electronic Clutch modification is for use by disabled drivers who prefer the control offered by a manual transmission but have difficulty operating the clutch pedal. The Device provides the driver with fingertip control of the clutch, removing the need for use of the left leg to perform gear changes. It is suitable for amputees or paraplegics, among others, especially in the case where an automatic model of a vehicle is not available. for more information, please visit our website

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auto clutch on vw t5 If you like the idea of an Automatic but want the control and economy of a manual, then AutoClutch is the answer. ideal for motorhomes CALL 01257 266102

Simple homemade hand-control invention & fast install
Simple "portable" hand-controls that can be used as "permanent" ones. Most new cars have a module as the accelerator, this complicates things. The old way the pedal presses a lever that pulls a cable thru the firewall so you could just tie off to that. See this video for what I mean:

Handicap Car Clutch
Handicap kit, handicapped people car kit accessories, car attachment, car kit, hand Control car specially design by physically challenged or disabled person, if you interest, please call at any time 099246 54054, Rajkot - Gujarat - India, further informations, please mail me :

Portable handcontrol
How to install and use a portable handcontrol for people with disabilities.