Duck Hand-Operated Clutch System

The Electronic Clutch modification is for use by disabled drivers who prefer the control offered by a manual transmission but have difficulty operating the clutch pedal. The Device provides the driver with fingertip control of the clutch, removing the need for use of the left leg to perform gear changes. It is suitable for amputees or paraplegics, among others, especially in the case where an automatic model of a vehicle is not available. for more information, please visit our website

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Simple homemade hand-control invention & fast install
Simple "portable" hand-controls that can be used as "permanent" ones. Most new cars have a module as the accelerator, this complicates things. The old way the pedal presses a lever that pulls a cable thru the firewall so you could just tie off to that. See this video for what I mean:

How to shift without the clutch (clutchless shifting)
READ THE DESCRIPTION FIRST PLEASE. I am not responsible for anything that happens to your car if you try this. I actually do not recommend doing it but its nice to know. Many people seem to be getting the wrong idea for this video. I am NOT telling you to not to use your clutch. This video is just to show how to shift without the clutch if the time comes when you need to use this. If your clutch goes out you might need to use this. This technique is potentially hazardous to your car. So if youre going to post a comment about how bad it is and just use the clutch, please dont post a comment. Some people want to know how to do it and that it is possible. I AM NOT TELLING YOU TO DO THIS OR TO NEGLECT YOUR CLUTCH. I KNOW HOW TO SHIFT WITHOUT THE CLUTCH, IT DOES NOT MEAN I DO THIS WITH EVERY SHIFT I DO. IN FACT I HAVENT DONE THIS SINCE I MADE THE VIDEO. The car is a mini cooper S 2005 with the stock Supercharger. Yes the audio is slightly off when i created the video but o well. The cameras i used were a vholdr contourHD 1080p for the rear camera, and 2 canon powershots for the tachometer and feet. This is kinda hard to learn and bad for your car when you mess up so practice at your own risk!

auto clutch system in manual car for handicap people
This is an Electronic Clutch System for any manual gear car. Its working by one micro switch button on gear knob.Its push only when gear change. usefull for Handicap people who have left leg problem,for aged people,and for ladies. We have 400+ satisfied costumers in all over Gujarat. for inqury : Dilip Gajjar DB MOTORS OPP. PERFECT MARUTI BODY WORKSHOP, NEAR PERFECT AUTO, GONDAL ROAD, RAJKOT -360002 PH.0281 2462036 MOBILE. 099 2 46 54 0 54 EMAIL.

Auto Clutch Driving Aid Opperation
Auto clutch enables you to change gear without using the clutch and is a product which enhance the usefulness of your manual transmission motorhome, Van Or Car by adding the functionality of a semi-automatic clutch system. The system may be mounted afterwards into the motorhome you already posses or may come as an accessory on a new one. It's a semi-automatic clutch operating system using the existing clutch pedal and linkage of the vehicle. Auto Clutch lets you change gear without having to operate the clutch pedal with your foot! Completely automatic and with high precision. You only have to operate the accelerator and brake pedals in combination with your gear selector