Renault Laguna is a shitcar

my car at his best :(

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S13 Top Speed And Engine Failure
testing top speed of 200SX S13 1.8 turbo CA18DET ... blown engine at 240kmh (actual GPS verified speed - rear tires were bigger than stock)... conrod broke in 5th gear at 6400rpm (at top speed and peak power) and was launched trough engine block... on german autobahn, ofcourse... ;) ;) ;) btw... the car was bought for some spare parts, we knew the engine was not that good, but checked all the fluids...after the engine blew it acctualy didnt matter, I really dont like CA engines anyway... right now i have 3 S13's (1 CA i 2 SR) and 1 build S14 SR...

Renault Megane Mad Burn out! Engine fail and tires destroyed in 30sec
MAD Burnout destroyed the tires and the engine in not even 30sec in a Renault Megane.

Mercedes-Benz 300 Diesel engine blow

first proper crank in 11 years.