BMW E60 530d acceleration 105-185 km/h

BMW E60 530d diesel remapped. Acceleration from 105-185 km/h. I will probably upload another video soon with 0-200km/h.

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BMW E60 530D Soundcheck (Decat/Remapped)
BMW E60 530D LCI sound and takeoff with downpipe installed. (cat / DPF removed)

BMW E60 530d 110 - 248km/h
Acceleration 110 - 248km/h BMW E60 3.0d 218HP Series 218HP 500Nm Film zrealizowany na terenie Republiki Federalnej Niemiec. ;]

Audi A6 3.0 TDI vs. Mercedes E 320 CDI vs. BMW 530d: Die obere Mittelklasse im Vergleich
Deutschlands Premium-Vertreter der oberen Mittelklasse treten gegeneinander an: Audi A6 3.0 TDI, Mercedes E 320 CDI und den BMW 530d.

Testing the top of my BMW 530d (chipped)
Just testing the top of the BMW 530d chiptuned by Ziptuning. Unfortunately the speedo stops at 260 (it just sits there, exactly on the 260), so i don't exactly know how fast i was going. Up until 2:10 the ride was uphill, after that it went straight. I also had to hold back a couple of times because of traffic. BTW, this was tested on the German Autobahn (A57) and there were 3 people in the car. (Chip gives me 270PS,610NM torque) (Don't whine about the quality, was filmed with Cycorder on an iPhone)