Ron Landis August 2009 at New Jersey Motorsports Park SCCA T-1 2008 Corvette Z06

Ron Landis From Landis Corvettes shows his racing skills at the August 2009 SCCA T-1 Race at New Jersey Motorsports Park. Visit our website at Video posted by Morales Marketing and Design

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New Jersey Motorsports Park Thunderbolt
zo6 corvette run off track at New Jersy Motorsport Park

Lotus Elise at NJ Motorsports Park Lightning racetrack September 2011
Full (long) video of session 3 of the Lotus Cup race at NJ Motorsports Park in September 2011. The clip ends with me crashing in turn 5, doing cosmetic damage to the front clam which has since been replaced. Turn 5 is at the crest of a hill, and unbeknownst to me I was running out of fuel. The fuel pickup went dry in the right hand turn, and the combination of mid-engined car + lift throttle oversteer + cresting a hill (getting air under the chassis) = sideways slide.

2015 Z06/7 NJMP Lightning 1:11.2 fast lap
2015 Corvette Z06/7 M7 Stock at NJMP lightning coarse

Hooked on Driving at New Jersey Motorsports Park with Jay Tepper
Strap in, Raise the Volume and Go for a ride around New Jersey Motorsports Park with master instructor Jay Tepper.