Kix-Henderson Racing - GMC Sonoma - Rear Cam - Bonneville 2011

Rear Camera Qualifying Run

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Mazda RX-7 Crash at 225 MPH!!
Bonneville Salt Flats: 3rd gen Mazda RX-7 race car trying to beat the land speed record for a production vehicle. At this speed, the tire patch that is touching the ground is LESS than the width of your index finger across each tire. Furthermore each patch is encountering dust and small sand-like particles often. If you could keep the pace with this car and remain standing next to it, you could reach over and push it away from you sideways with little effort. The announcer claims that an additional burst of oxygen in the fuel causes a loss of control, but in all likelyhood, the wind just changes ever so slightly, or began to blow (even lightly) and it was actually this that nudged the cars nose off by just enough to start a flat spin. Yes, a flat spin, like an airplane goes into! No rudder on this vehicle, so no control!

blow fish bonneville 2011

Bonneville World Finals 2012, 380mph run car #1768
This is our qualifying run at the Bonneville World Finals 2012. The car is a modified 1971 Triumph GT-6. It is Car #1768 running in C/BFMS. This is the fastest modified car in the world. We had trouble in the required backup run for the record but we still had a reasonable run that gave a two run average of 364mph. See our web site for more details.

31006-AM007 Hi-Power409 ・三菱 パジェロミニ H58A 4A30(turbo) ・ニッサン キックス H59A 4A30(turbo)