Wild Fiat Altered

At the Night of Fire and Thunder at Bandimere Speedway May 16, 2009. Racing in the Fineline 16. This is a new set-up we was testing for a friend. Still haven't got it but it is alot closer. This is first and second rounds.

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1999 Nightfire Nationals Fuel Altereds Drag Racing Nitro Cars Video
Drag Racing Cars Nitro Fuel Altered Nightfire Nationals The Mob Drag Strip Riot Nostalgia Videos Race Car Firebird Raceway Nostalgia Drag Racing - Fuel Altereds Forever. The MOB Nitro AA Fuel Altered and Louis Sweet, far lane, during Saturday night's qualifying of the 1999 Pepsi Nightfire Nationals in Boise, Idaho. Bakersfield - when fuel altereds go wrong. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYFzq37f_zg

Gillis Racing Fiat Altered Raceway park PEI #2 July 2015

Blown fiat
Blown 37 fiat first lauch

TOP DRAGSTER Fast16 at Bandimere speedway
Dirving my families Fast16 car at Bandimere Speedway in Morrison Colorado. 2nd round of qualifying, 1st round, and a time only run on a pro tree.