Turbo Subaru Legacy vs Turbo Honda Prelude

2.2 turbo subaru legacy stock ecu 10psi 2.2 turbo prelude with dsm turbo setup on 7psi my room mate and i going at it on a closed road. i cant launch hard because my rear diff will blow up (6spd swap with rear bias), and he has no traction in 1st even with racing slicks.

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honda vs subaru
Driving my brothers DA B18c. ctr pistons. cams. basic bolt ons. function form suspension. 30 mile roll

Subaru WRX vs Honda Prelude
Both car has passenger. WRX: TBE and NF tune Prelude: Built H22 and E85 tune

subaru legacy vs. toyota celica
subaru legacy 92 vs. toyota celica 93