Mrcho SRT-4 Compilation 2007 drag racing etc.

Compilation of my SRT-4 from the beginning to present.. photos, videos from drag etc. Yes yes I know I dont have audio. One artist claimed copyright because I put his song in the video and youtube completely disabled the audio. The fun of the video was to hear some little music while we listen to the car roar, but now that is impossible. :( I will probably delete the video soon since its useless without audio. Thank you all for great comments!

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2003 SRT 4 Compilation Vid
Birth of my big turbo neon

Illegal Street Drifting 2015 Compilation (Fail/Win) MUST SEE!!!
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Dodge SRT-4 Tribute Video
Here are some pictures of Dodge SRT-4's that I got off cardomain. This video only took me about 20 minutes so it's not that well edited but there are some pretty nice looking ones. Enjoy the video and please rate/comment.

Dodge SRT-4 Tribute
A video on the great srt-4 slideshow and video mix also contains some facts at the end of the video for the haters. Check it out high quality good music and a good story on the car.