R35 GT-R w/aftermarket exhaust

this is not my car so i don't know anything about it.

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Bugatti Veyron **RARE** 1/4 Mile drag race vs Nissan R35 GTR
Music : Sadik Beatz -- Rock (Dubstep Beat) https://www.youtube.com/sadikbeatztv Bone Stock Bugatti Veyron 10.1@139 drag strip passes vs nissan R35 GTR (Mid pipe + Tune) 10.9@125 Palm Beach International Raceway www.ThatRacingChannel.com

Nissan GTR R35 High Performance Exhaust System
http://racetag-Exhaust.com "Race Tag High Performance Nissan GT-R R35 Titanium Exhaust" is one of the best and reliable super car performance Exhaust and parts. Consist of either full set with stainless steel header and Ti cat back. This piece by piece technology is tested and proven with "US Dyno Machine" for horse power (hp) increase! The most wonderful part is where you can easily install or plug and play as if a "Lego" cars. http://www.racetag-Exhaust.com

2012 年頭炮新車  2.8 秒狂飆
蘋果動新聞: http://hk.apple.nextmedia.com/template/apple_sub/art_main.php?iss_id=201201 06&sec_id=12187383&art_id=15957405&av_id=15957424 到底 2.8 秒可以做得甚麼?打個噴嚏都要 1 秒,洗澡 2.8 秒都還在脫衣服,但這時間花在日產 GTR 身上,已經可以加速到 100 公里。去年底才在日本露面的 2012 年版 GTR R35 ,性能進一步提升至 550 匹馬力,唔單止車速快,運送都好快,水貨轉眼間在元旦 日運抵香港。 記者:蕭漢祥 攝影:黃子偉 Model : Paris@Pure Models

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