02 mustang gt vs 94 b20 integra

02 Mustang gt vs 94 b20 integra. Mods. Mustang - shorty headers, bbk intake, Flowmaster Exhaust Integra - gsr cams, gsr transmission, Exhaust work. Mustang misses 4th.

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B20 integra vs 5.0 mustang (part2)
B20 turbo integra vs 5.0 Mustang ....Mustang is right behind us at a red light fast foward the video to 50 secs be cause the light took forever!

Mustang v6 vs GSR integra
Mustang v6 automatic w/ Exhaust/intake, and gsr integra w/ several bolt ons. Mustang got the hit

Integra gsr vs mustang gt
integra gsr vs Mustang gt

B20 integra vs mustang "5.0"
B20 all motor integra vs Mustang v8 5.0