Audi Timing Belt

This is a video of a Timing Belt being changed on an Audi V-6

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Audi 2.7t Timing Belt. B5 S4, C5 ALLROAD and A6 with 2.7t
UPDATE: 12-3-17. If you Install the right timing belt cover before the viscous fan pulley the right timing belt cover will go on easier. After removing the front bumper. Remove the plastic piece from the inter-cooler. This will allow the lock carrier to move further forward. This part was missing from the car I was working on. Best camera views and illustration. Include torque specification in newton meters and pound inch/feet. TIP: If you are doing the job with the vehicle in the service position. Removing the vibration damper and viscous fan pulley bolts is done mostly by cannot see them from above. Align the timing mark back to the same position it was before you remove it then rock left + right to feel for the notch in the pulley. To install the viscous fan pulley, catch the top-most small 5mm bolt in the pulley first, then the other bolt afterwards. The other internal bolt is located about 85-90% right of the viscous fan thread when looking down on the pulley. The camshaft sprocket bolt size is 16mm socket.

How To Replace VW Passat, Audi A4, Audi A6 Timing Belt on 2.8 Liter 30 Valve Engine
Step-By-Step Timing Belt Installation Guide. Detailed Audi VW timing belt replacement instructions for 2.8L 30 valve Audi A4, A6, VW Passat models. Audi VW timing belt installation guide for 2.8L 30 valve models. How to replace VW Passat, Audi A4, A6 timing belt service explained at Blauparts. VW Front Bumper Removal Video: Audi Front Bumper Removal Video: More Information Blau Gen II INA Audi VW Timing Belt Kits: Shop Audi VW Timing Belt Kits & Tool Rentals:

Audi: The quattro principle
quattro four-wheel drive enjoys a lengthy tradition. The principle involves distributing the engine's power permanently and optimally between all four wheels.

Audi Timing Belt 2.8L
This was a case study on a 2001 Audi A6 2.8L Quattro that had a coolant leak when the engine was shut off. It was diagnosed as a bad water pump. This video shows how to remove the front end and remove and replace the timing belt and water pump. To find more videos check us out at or subscribe to my youtube channel.