2013 Scion FR-S Custom 3" MagnaFlow Catback Dual Exhaust ( Subaru BRZ )

Startup and Driveby video of Custom 3" Dual Exhaust for 2013 Scion FR-S Dual Magnaflow Performance Muffler Definitely has a Boxer Rumble burble tone to it despite it being it 4 cylinder. The cabin drone is loud but I'm hoping it'll mellow out a bit after some break in. A much cheaper alternative than JDM Exhaust systems! I chose 3" for possible turbo upgrade. Support your local businesses! Lifetime warrantly with great customer service FTW!

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Walk-around of my Modified Scion FR-S
More information on this car: http://tinyurl.com/darrensfrs I have a number of videos highlighting some of the modifications, here is one walk-around video that shows everything I have done so far.

Subaru BRZ - Stock vs Nameless Exhaust Header Back
Stock vs Nameless Exhaust (from the header back) 5" Mufflers - Stock Header - Helmholtz Resonator - 200 Cell High Flow Cat The cold start is pretty loud, so turn down your sound to start! 1: Startups blips and things 2: Drive by 3: Cabin noise, general thoughts and things (sorry the audio is so quiet here) Before/After pics: https://imgur.com/a/3NAbc

GT86 / BRZ / FR-S - aftermarket exhaust sound compilation

GReddy Evo3 Exhaust - Scion FR-S
UPDATE: Check out the Evo3 replacement the GReddy EVOlution GT Exhaust - http://youtu.be/olcoLZc2MGQ GReddyFRS GReddy Evolution Evo3 Exhaust - dual muffler Scion FR-S 70mm dia. stainless steel piping, 102mm tip stainless steel cat-back Exhaust system For purchasing please contact an Authorized GReddy Dealer: http://greddy.com/dealers/ or http://greddy.com/products/Exhausts/evolution3/