Turbobricks SE-10 drag racing dnasequence brett volvo 240

16 valve Volvo 242 with a HUGE turbo trying to get down the drag strip for the first time!

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Dragracing ope volvo 240 vs audi
Dragracing ope volvo 240 in flames

volvo 240 turbo 1,8s 60ft slomo Drag race
Volvo 244 60ft SlowMo. Orginal. M/t ET Street 26/10,5-15

Volvo 240 old style
Volvo 240 with a 2.5 litre 16 valve engine, around 200 bhp. The engine is buildt by Haugens Boost and Autotrim. Haltech E6M engine management, Jenwey 48mm trottlebodies. Sorry about bad quality, it's an old recording.

12.8 run in the volvo