BMW M5 vs Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG vs Jaguar XFR

Topcar magazine take the three best and fastest saloons on a massive road trip to decide which is best

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E 63 AMG vs M5 F10 0-300 km/h
2011 Mercedes Benz E 63 AMG vs 2012 BMW M5 F10 0-300kmh I don't know if the engines were warm or cold. Officially 0-100 times: E 63 AMG = 4.2s M5 F10 = 4.4s Both are really nice cars but i would prefer the E 63 AMG. I like it because of the design,engine (mercedes engine's never die ; ) and they doesn't need much servicing), acceleration and of course the AMG Sound XD i love the orgasm sound. Normally Mercedes builds a bit more heavier cars than BMW but the F10 is heavier than the E 63. That should be noticeable on the Race Track. What do you think ? pls subscribe

BMW Crash Compilation #1
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Project Jaguar XFR vs. BMW M5
<p>Battle of sports sedans with our Jaguar XFR project car going head-to-head with a BMW M5. Coined the 'XFR+' the idea was to create super sedan capable of taking on the best in the segment while also showcasing its receptiveness to aftermarket parts.</p><p>Jag upgrades include Vorsteiner body and wheels, Eibach springs and GSR Autosport coilover adapters, Mina Gallery Supercharger pulley, GSR 3' stainless steel Exhaust and intake system.</p><p>Will this tuned Jag have what it takes to beat the mighty and stock M5? For full story, see the Nov. 2013 issue or stay tuned for its release on web in the coming weeks.</p>

BMW M5 E60 (507hp) vs. Nissan GT-R (480hp) vs. Porsche 911 Carrera (350hp)