1996 Neon fuel pump

See where the fuel pump is located on a 96 Neon, what tool you need to take off the big 61/2 inch plastic nut and how to remove the fuel and fuel pump.

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My 96 Dodge Neon Fuse problem update
My 96 Neon was blowing fuel pump fuses constantly. I determined that there was a short in the wiring somewhere between the fuse block and the fuel pump. Rather than try to isolate it i decided instead to just bypass the short. So I rewired the hot wire on the car to the fuel pump. So far all is well. The car now runs properly as far as the fuel pump fuse in concerned.

How to change a fuel pump on a Dodge Neon
This is a video to show you how to change the fuel pump or remove the gas tank on a 95-99 Dodge Neon.

how to check your fuel pump
Quick and easy way to trouble shoot your fuel pump, First thing is to make sure you have gas in the tank !! Then watch the video as i walk you through the next steps. https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=rumrunner439

Dodge neon fuel filter part 2
update and video of the filter etc..