Decoding a Rochester Quadrajet part 3: more practice with the numbers.

Here's one more video that will help you learn to decode the ID numbers found on the Rochester Quadrajet.

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How to improve shuddering brakes for little or no money
Lots of times, shuddering or pulsating brakes are be caused by issues you can fix yourself for little or no money. However, if the rotors are scored, grooved or cracked, you need to replace them.Here's what I did in this video: 1. wire-wheeled rotors to remove brake pad material buildup 2. cleaned hub mating surfaces of foreign material 3. corrected a loose rotor 4. rotated wheels with curb bends to the rear.

Decoding a Rochester Quadrajet part 1: The name
Rochester Quadrajets tend to mystify people because of the various model names assigned to them by GM. Add to that a redesign in the '70s and the confusion only grows. In this video we'll learn the different model names and also how to differentiate between early and later-model Qjets. Enjoy!

750 vs. 800cfm Rochester Quadrajets-how to tell them apart
There exists a ton of misinformation regarding the actual airflow capacity of the Rochester Quadrajet. Not many people know how many variations there are or how to tell them apart. Here is a simple video explaining how to identify each size based on casting design. I will cover the "cfm-limited" carbs in a separate video.

How to rebuild a Rochester Quadrajet part 6