Toyota Supra Burn Out in New Hampshire

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Toyota Supra Burn out with blown head gasket
1987 turbo Supra 2nd gear burn out

Supra burnout
Very easy burnout with 20 years old spare tires

Supra 7MGTE Head Noise Diagnostics
Recorded and uploaded so that the supra community can help me diagnose this issue. Valve lash was checked all in or near spec, some tighter than spec (.005/.006) but none were too loose. No visibly apparent sticking buckets or valves when turning engine over by hand. Compression in every cylinder was between 155 and 168. Engine was rebuilt 6k ago and a remanufactured head from clearwater cylinder was installed.

1990 Toyota Supra 2JZ MK3, October 17th 2009
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