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Recently had the pleasure of working on this Nissan Skyline Hakosuka GTR. The customer went for our top of the range detail - the Swissvax Signature Detail which includes two coats of Swissvax Crystal Rock. The SWISSVAX SIGNATURE DETAIL is the pinnacle of paint correction Detail that MOTORSHINE offer. The vehicle will undergo as many correctional stages as safely possible to achieve an as near perfect, defect free finish. This is then followed by a refining process to generate high levels of gloss and clarity. Follow us behind the scenes at our Detailing Studio on the various social media platforms below WEB: Facebook: Instagram:

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Datsun Skyline GT2000
Filmed the Hokosuka today as part 1 of a short film I'm working on. I'll be adding to this once I get more footage on the road, etc. Here I'm testing out the camera glider on my Xacti FH1 Full HD 60fps Camera. Decided to start using this along with the 5D. Slowmotion done in FCP. Music by Sade, Titled Morning Bird off her latest album, Soldier of Love. Download it on iTunes, its awesome.