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Unissan track1
Unissan track

Портальные мосты для снегоболотоходов "ЯМАЛ" (Portal axle for ATV "YAMAL")
Обкатка моста перед установкой на снегоболотоход "ЯМАЛ" Всё более подробно на Running axle for terrain vehicle before placing it on the "Yamal" More details at

SAS 78 xcab datsun on fire break five ᴴᴰ Weekend Bilstain
A nice weekend in Bilstain, belgium. The terrain is pretty difficult, with lots of slick rock! It was a small group of people, with the following cars: Pink Y60: Weight reduction and 31" Tires Yellow/Black Y60: Weight reduction, rear locked/front LSD 37" tires Monster Samurai: 35" Boggers, patrol axles, 6.1 tcase, 1600 16v, 2 lockers Green samurai: 31' tires, SPOA, rear locker, crappy snorkel Orange Jeep: 37" Boggers, patrol axles, front + rear locked, airshocks Green/black sj 410: 35' tires, mercedes axles, 5.14 tcase, 2 lockers Volvo C303: 37' Tires, portal axles, 2 lockers green/grey samurai: 35' tires, landrover axles, rear locked, 4.16 tcase red vitara: 35' tires, nissan axles, 4.16 tcase, rear locked, airshocks mercedes G: 31" tires, 2 lockers, complete stock.