5.3 LS1 1985 Monte SS Burnout

Brandon's 1985 Monte SS powered by a 2000 stock 5.3 with a camshaft from a 2000 Corvette LS1. Timing controlled by an MSD 6010 box, rev limit set to 6100. Edelbrock Performer LS1 intake with an 800cfm Quadrajet. Factory 200-4R trans and 3.73 gears

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ls1 monte carlo corner
hittin of the corner

Stock 5.3 vortec burnout
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

1979 Monte Carlo 5.3 BURNOUT
Blue Monsta gbody shuffle thru the alley. 5.3 200r4 373 blazer spindle swap

LS1 6spd. SS Monte slidin
nothing going on at 7th so had to make something happen. dude you hear talking the whole time asked me "how much crank did you have to smoke to get that dash in there?"