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car washes
Microvel brush

Adventure Sports Fair - Parque Anhembi/SP
Hydrus é um equipamento Ceccato concebido para proporcionar um serviço de qualidade e cuidados com os veículos. Ideal para aqueles que querem investir em auto lavagem e procuram uma solução confiável e completa.

Ceccato Lavadora LUAS DUBLINO - Phlyvio Lucio Representação Com.- www.plrepresentacoes.com.br
Ceccato Lavadora de Trens/Metrô LUAS DUBLINO

lavage portique grand public
lavage portique grand public

Ceccato Advant Plus, Waschanlage, Car Wash

Ceccato Phoenix Tech
I asked to my little brother to record this video from outside of the car so thats te reason why some fingers appear on camera and he shaked the ipod to much , sorry about that

ceccato film
new Ceccato car wash machine

Air One Profiler Dryer by Motor City Wash Works
Motor City Wash Works New Profiler Dryer - Front of vehicle

Reference Graz Austria
Reference Graz Austria

MaxiWash Nutzfahrzeugwaschanlage WashTec deutsch
MaxiWash - Die passenden Anlagen für Wäsche und Pflege aller Nutzfahrzeuge. WashTec hat genau die Nutzfahrzeug- Waschanlage für Ihren Bedarf...

ceccato car wash

Ceccato Phoenix Tech
I Went back to this CarWash! This is my first time ever driving through a car wash. I bought the TOP wash programm that includes basic wash + wheel wash + wax + AirPlus dryer and it cost me R$ 15,00 , about U$ 7.00 . sorry for the cut on video, it was because I was recording from my phone and my mom called me. I was a little bit nervously as you can see I wasn't able to hold my phone without shaking it but I hope you guys enjoy

sistema automático de dupla passagem da escova vertical no sentido de lavagem e no sentido de enxágüe a uma inclinação da escova ; sendo que esse conjunto de funcionamento permite uma melhor qualidade de lavagem.

car washes
demonstrating different types of car wash

Ceccato Phoenix Tech night view
Ceccato Phoenix Tech with blue and black foam brushes at Ipiranga gas station. this machine was installed in 2012 and replaced an old Ceccato Ginga with red polyethylene brushes. **Look at the 03:40 the car crash had just happened.** I bought the top wash programm that includes : Basic Wash Wheel Wash Wax Dryer (via onboard AirPlus dryers)

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1970 AMC AMX : 8.110 @ 161.000
David, Engine: AMC 401 stroked, Tires: Goodyear

1979 Chevrolet Luv : 8.420 @ 162.000
bobby robinson, Engine: 377 sbc, Tires: 28-10.5 m/t back 25/4.5 m/t sportsman front

1978 Chevrolet Luv : 8.460 @ 160.340
Joe Belcher, Engine: 383,

1969 AMC AMX : 8.940 @ 147.000
Blair, Engine: AMC 401, Supercharger: / Turbos: / Tires: Goodyear

1969 AMC AMX : 8.950 @ 154.079
Kevin Lloyd, Engine: 434 AMC, Tires: MickyThompson-ET-Streets

1969 AMC AMX : 8.976 @ 153.110
Kevin Lloyd, Engine: 434 AMC, Tires: MickeyThompson 28x12.5 ET-Streets

1969 AMC AMX : 9.480 @ 143.000

1976 Chevrolet Luv : 9.760 @ 139.190
Bryan Taylor, Engine: 355 ci chevy, Supercharger: B&M 420 MEGA BLOWER Tires: HOOSIER SLICKS

1972 Chevrolet Luv : 10.340 @ 130.200
Paul Lethlean, Engine: 400 Sbc, Tires: 28x11.5 et drag

1968 AMC AMX : 10.378 @ 115.300
Ken B., Engine: 406, Tires: M/T 11.50

2006 BMW M5 : 10.578 @ 130.190
Mike, Engine: V10, Tires: MT Drag Radial

1972 Chevrolet Luv : 10.630 @ 125.000
Paul Lethlean, Engine: 400 sbc, Tires: 28x10x15w

1968 AMC AMX : 10.640 @ 127.400
AL H., Engine: AMC 401, Tires: bias on front and slicks

1968 AMC AMX 2-seater: 10.810 @ 123.600
Al H, Engine: AMC 401, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: goodyear

2006 BMW M5 AWD Motorsports Nitrous: 10.908 @ 127.380
Mike, Engine: V10, Tires: MT Drag Radial

2013 BMW M5 : 11.073 @ 128.680
Kamil Wozowicz DTMHAUS, Engine: 4.4, Supercharger: no Turbos: yes Tires: stock

1971 AMC AMX : 11.093 @ 119.320
Paul M, Engine: 401, Tires: M/T 28/11.5-15

1972 Chevrolet Luv : 11.300 @ 118.000
Paul Lethlean, Engine: 410 cube small block chev, Tires: 26

2013 BMW M5 F10 ASR Tuned: 11.321 @ 127.030
Abid , Tires: Stock

1972 Chevrolet Luv v8: 11.356 @ 115.450
Joey Spitali, Engine: 360 sbc, Tires: hoosier


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