southpark olympic opening ceremony

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South Park BMX | Steel City Nationals | Kid Rocket Pittsburgh Vlog
USABMX Steel City Nationals edit from August 5-7, 2016 in South Park BMX. Results wise it wasn't that good, but I love coming to this race cause Pittsburgh is a really cool place. Plus I got to spend time with my ccbmx friends, the Peacock twins! I did race cruiser on Friday's pre-race and got the win, however, on Saturday I got 6th on cruiser & 8th on class. Then on Sunday I came 8th on cruiser and DNQ on class. The competition was real tough on this one, but still I was disappointed, especially after having such a killer weekend in Rockford just 2 weeks before Steel City Nats. Big shoutout again to J Pennucci for another awesome action shot. Also, shoutout to Ms Bridget Holland as well. All their work and cool pics are greatly appreciated! Check them both out on facebook: and Drone Footage by Dustin McGrew Checkout the original full length video here: Thanks for watching and if you liked the video click that LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE to my channel. Share the vid if you see any of your friends Also, checkout my awesome sponsors for some of the best bike parts and products: BAD ACE BMX: RIVAL RACING: DAN'S COMP: FLY RACING: ALL FORCE NUTRITION: F1 CERAMIC SPEED UPGRADE: South Park BMX Track 2499 East Park Dr. Bethel Park, Pennsylvania Call (412) 831-3620 That Friday evening Aug 5th was also the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics games. Most of my favorite bmx pros were already in Brazil walking in the parade. However, Sam Willoughby surprised everyone by staying away from the Olympics celebrations and he grabbed one more uci pro series win on Friday before jetting off to the Rio games. Sam is a really cool guy and one of bmx heroes not just for me, but for many bmx racers. He had a bad accident in California shortly after the Olympics. Please check out Sam's Road2Recovery page where you can donate and get the updates on Sam's recovery #StrengthFor91 MUSIC by HookSounds Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International — CC BY 4.0 Music provided by Audio Library

2008 Olympic opening ceremonies: Tourists' reaction
2008 Olympic opening ceremonies: Tourists' reaction

Marble Olympics Day 1 Season 2
Marble Olympics Season 2 is Starting! This is the Day1: The Aqua Park 20 Countryballs are competing In this season there will be a pint scoring system, but you can save your favorite by voting, In this round last 3 marbles will be eliminated Your vote has qualified Sweden, Singapore and Japan the other country balls competing are Argentina Australia Belgium Brasil Canada France Germany Holland Italy Japan Mexico Philippines South Korea Sweden Thailand Turkey Singapore Spain United Kingdom U.S.A. point scoring system 1st place 25 points 2nd place 18 points 3rd place 15 points 4rd place 12 points 5rd place 10 points 6rd place 8 points 7rd place 6 points 8rd place 5 points 9rd place 4 points 10rd place 3 points 11rd place 2 points 12rd place 1 point 13rd place no points 14rd place no points etc. I made this whit algodoo by Algorix The original idea comes from carikh. I used tools from MarbleRace and jcharlesk pack Bad working tools are made by me. music Taratatà by Milton Never by Steve Combs album Never _Never Drive By Alex Beroza

Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony (Australia 7)
Beginning of the Opening Ceremony