2012 GT-R Vs BMW X5M street race

Quick street race off the line between a X5M and a 2012 GT-R. That X5 is a beast!

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BMW M3 takes on X5 M: Who Wins?
Have you been to the BMW Performance Driving School in South Carolina yet? If not please put it on your bucket list. Automotive Rhythms experienced two days at the school's adult playground with their M vehicles. We matched the 2011 M3 Coupe -- fitted with a 414 hp 4.0 liter V8 -- alongside the AWD X5 M with its 4.4 liter V8 and 555 twin turbocharged horses. Each vehicle was pushed to its respective limits proving why BMW is deserving of repping The Ultimate Driving Machine!

700HP Chrome BMW X5M Obnoxiously Loud Sounds!
Become a fan on Facebook for the latest updates: https://www.facebook.com/DLMphotos Here you can see a 700HP, turbo'd, chrome wrapped, lowered, tuned BMW X5M (the 700HP mirror as we call it) making lots and lots of loud and obnoxious sounds around Southern California. It's quite fun to not only watch as it blinds you while driving, but also riding in it and realizing that you're still in a BMW luxury SUV while making all these sounds. Enjoy the video, the owner just sold the car and picked up a CLK Black Series, so more fun times are just around the corner (pun intended)! Camera cars are a Novitec Ferrari 599 GTB and a Mercedes CLS63 AMG ;) Location: Santa Monica and Newport Beach, CA Please remember to comment, rate and SUBSCRIBE for more! Thanks for watching!

Nissan GT-R(T-Killah) vs BMW X5M
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