Cars Leaving Pleasanton Custom Car Show Part 1 Of 2

Like my Facebook page:!/ManusFilms Here is the video of the car show that happened in Pleasanton, CA. It only includes all the cars leaving the show...

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Best car show lineup ever? - Cars leaving Supercar Sunday 2014
Facebook: Goodwood Motor Circuit hosted 'Supercar Sunday' this year with a vast array of amazing supercars. From 2 McLaren F1 GTRs, to a 50th Anniversary Aventador, to many Carrera GTs, Enzos, SLRs XJ220s, F40s (5 of them) and a Koenigsegg CCX, Bristol Fighter T, Pagani Zonda F and Lexus LFA! All that were missing were a Veyron and some of the newer hybrid supercars. I hope you enjoy watching these cars leave as I did filming them! Flickr: Tumblr: ...and yes...that Aventador Roadster was epic!

Car burnouts from a car show!
Here is a compilation of the burnouts from Cars and Copters! Very fun show. Don't forget to comment, rate and subscribe for more HD exotic car videos! I sub back!!

Coffee & Cars - Houston, TX - October 2010 (part 2)
The October Coffee & Cars was a huge turnout, there were so many cars leaving that I had to make a 2 part video. Everything was going fine until a Mustang got a little out of control and almost crashed. Check out both videos, there are alot of nice cars. Hopefully no one will crash and cause the event to be shut down....we tend to get a little nuts here in Texas. Check out Follow us on Facebook

Showoff Biker Fails In Front Of Everyone
This big bad biker is feeling a little embarrassed now...