bmw z4 2.5i racing sound

Racing Dynamics manifold, de-cat pipes and eisenmann rear mufller.. Custom intake with pipercross filter..

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Fastest Nürburgring lap on LPG BMW Z4 2.5i 192 hp. Overtaking two Porsches GT3 450+ hp, Aston Martin
Is it possible to drive an 'hot' lap on Liquid Petroleum Gas? Apparently is. This is the fastest lap ever with stock BMW Z4 2.5i on LPG (BTG 9:06). You can cook on gas or even better chasing Italian Porsche club on Nürburgring. I am pleasantly surprised that old Z4 on LPG seems to be an real Porsche GT3 killer. Chasing Porsche Caymans. Overtaking two Italian Porsches GT3 with 450+ hp, Aston Martin 500+ hp etc. Overtaken by the Ring-Taxi Aston Martin V8 Vantage with the professional driver and Renault Megane RS 265 hp. BRC LPG installation on board. Recorded with Canon LEGRIA FS200.

Bmw Z4 Eisenmann (2.5i)
Just got my Eisenmann Exhaust installed, together with the deletion of the mid-damper. The sound will still change a little in time, but it is allready nice right now -)).

BMW Z4 35i Erfahrungsbericht, Testfahrt Autobahn und Auspuff Sound
► BMW Z4 Zubehör bei Amazon: In diesem Video zeige ich euch den BMW Z4 35i mit der 6 Zylinder Maschine (N54B30), 3 Liter Hubraum und 306 PS. Ein kleines Show-Off des Wagens, Probefahrten auf der Autobahn sowie der Landstraße und natürlich der Auspuffsound.

暴力美學BMW Z4 sDrive 35i
堪稱有史以來改變最成功的車款BMW Z4,sDrive 35i有著拉風的外型與強悍的性能表現,甚至!它的動力輸 出與機械結構,表現得比第一眼看到的外觀還出色。 一向堅持直六引擎,在23i與35i依舊如此,只是搭載於35i引 擎室內的這具3.0升渦輪增壓引擎,可謂當今汽車產業中, 馬力與排氣量比最高的輸出表現,但這還不是最主要的! 與其搭配的7速雙離合器自手排DCT,讓這具引擎的性能發 到極致。 第一眼看到Z4,您當然會被它的外型所吸引,但試駕過後 您會發現它的內在比外觀還吸引人。