SRT-4 Midnight Run 2010


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Caliber SRT-4 Street Tuning..
Doing some data logging pulls (closed course obviously). ~20psi tune, very safe high 10 - low 11AFRs with conservative timing. 0 Knock, e-throttle @ 85-87% (WOT) entire time. Now that I figured out the way to mount my camera, there will be some in-car shots...just for those who are on the fence about doing small brake kit :)... Track video:

Caliber SRT-4 tuned by realtune!!!
Caliber Srt-4 tuned by realtune!!

SRT-4 vs Nismo 350z vs 2010 Camaro SS
Neon SRT-4 vs Nismo 350z from a dig Neon SRT-4 vs Camaro SS 40-110