Zakspeed Ford Escort MK2 BDA with PERFECT sound - Werner Weiss Bergcup Oberhallau Bergrennen

Great Gr. 4 Ford Escort at Oberhallau Switzerland... One of MPZ´s favorite cars ;-)

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Ford Zakspeed Escort MK2 Group 5 DRM -VERY LOUD-
Just an amazing 280HP Zakspeed Escort at the Hillclimb in Ransel, Germany today, May 7th, 2016 Thumbnail by Check him out. He's awesome! You can find me on twitter: Also visit my fb-pages:

Fantastic FORD Escort ZAKSPEED Incredible Amazing Sound // Bergrennen Lingenau 2013 Thomas Kopf
15.06.2013: Bergrennen Lingenau in Vorarlberg/Österreich. Fahrer Thomas Kopf auf einem wunderschönen Ford Escort Zakspeed. Der Sound ist fast besser als die Optik und leider geil ... Event:

Always at the limit! Ford Escort MK2 with 2.0L V6 engine at Swiss Hillclimb 2016
The crazy driver is Reto Steiner!

Popular Drifter KEN BLOCK With 1978 Ford Escort MK2 RS. Rear Wheel Drive, 333 RWHP, and Over 9000 RPM...Lets Chek it out. Thanks For Watching My channel :)