1988 RX7 Racing Beat Dual Exhaust and Flowmasters

True Dual Exhaust With Flowmaster Mufflers

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FC Rx7 Exhaust before and after
This car was sold recently. Rx7 FC stock Exhaust to Apexi N1 single. FC3S

Flowmaster Exhaust on RX7
These are my Dual FLowmasters on my FC

Racing Beat TII Exhaust RX-7
because there is a lack of sound clips for this sweet product. Rev TII full turbo-back on an 87 TII RX7 with hybrid turbo.

Rx7 Racing Beat exhaust installation
The pictures and videos were all taken about a few months ago. i just figured i might as well put this video up to show a little history of the Rx7 that was viewed recently This car was originally purchased for 500$ had some issues that was dealt with accordingly. but bottom line a really good buy for just 500$ thanks for watching