1988 RX7 Racing Beat Dual Exhaust and Flowmasters

True Dual Exhaust With Flowmaster Mufflers

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FC Rx7 Exhaust before and after
This car was sold recently. Rx7 FC stock Exhaust to Apexi N1 single. FC3S

Racing Beat TII Exhaust RX-7
because there is a lack of sound clips for this sweet product. Rev TII full turbo-back on an 87 TII RX7 with hybrid turbo.

RX7 Apexi N1 Dual Exhaust
N1 Exhaust sound clip

Mazda RX7 SOUND - Extreme Exhaust Fumes - マツダ
Mazda マツダ RX-7 FB2 with 2 Rotor engine. See this cold start with extrene Exhaust fumes. This classic Mazda RX7 is still used today in rallies. With its tuned rotary engine it makes 280 hp and thus has an epic sound. He achieved a rapid acceleration and high top speed. The Mazda RX-7 has been known through the films fast and furious and tokio drift. In addition to the Mazda but has played a major role the Toyota Supra. The first generation (SA22C) of Mazda RX 7 / Savanna sports car was sold from 1978 until 1981. In the video you can see the RX7 rally car of second generation (FB2, 1981--1985). Later came the models FC3S, 1985--1991, (FD3S, 1991--2002) also with turbo engine and the RX 7 veilside fortune. Freie Filmmusik by Cayzland Studio http://www.cayzland-music.de