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Metrolink 883 with Two Horns and UTA Frontrunner car

I just got of this Metrolink train from Oceanside. During the ride, I noticed that the train was using a very nice K5LA mixed with P2 horn. With plenty of waving, jumping, and dancing, I got the engineer to give YouTube a sample of it's stellar K5LA. (You're WELCOME!) If you look close, you can see that this is also Metrolink's blankest locomotive. (Note the white paint around the plow.) Enjoy the video.


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HD- My HO Model Train Collection: Metrolink, Southern Pacific, Union Pacific, etc.
Here's a large compilation of my HO train collection in a variety of locations. Not all the trains seen in the video are mine, I own everything except for the Daylight #4446 steam engine and the Amtrak Superliners, those belong to a friend of mine. Locations featured in the video are Los Angeles Live Steamers and my room, where I just set up my Kato UniTrack, the only track I recommend. Collection featured: Athearn RTR Metrolink F59PHi Athearn Bombardier Passenger Cars: Metrolink and Coaster Walthers Amtrak Superliner Cars Bachmann Southern Pacific Daylight 4-8-4 #4446 Bachmann Southern Pacific Daylight Passenger Cars Athearn RTR Southern Pacific AC4400W Athearn Genesis Union Pacific SD70ACe Bachmann F40PH dummy: Custom painted into Coaster scheme by CoasterFan2105. Thanks for watching!

Metrolink and Amtrak Train Action at LA Union Station; 3/30/2013
I've had this video ready for upload for about 2 weeks and couldn't find any free time to upload this video, but now here it is! I was invited to join FanofThePadres411 and 798Amtrak at LA Union Station for a day of Amtrak and Metrolink trains. I got there for the departure of the Coast Starlight and stayed until the departure of Amtrak train numbers 777 and 580 (FanofhePadres411 left on this train) I also added 2 clips at the beginning and end of the video of the Coast Starlight in each direction but both are different days: 1st clip is from March 19, 2013 of Amtrak 14 through Glendale with a Cascades NPCU in the consist, 90252. The 2nd clip is from the same day I was at LA Union Station on Amtrak 11 on the last day of detour coming down the Valley Sub through Sylmar station. It was the only day I was able to see the detoured Coast "Valley" Starlight since I'm busy during the week and unable to see all of the detoured trains. Sorry for the shaking on the last clip too, too much wind was hitting me since the train passed me so fast and was only protected by just a fence. Enjoy the video!

Amtrak & Metrolink action in Santa Ana, CA December 20th, 2013
Santa Ana, CA Friday December 20th, 2013 Train #1 - (E Mcfadden Ave.) Amtrak #572 featuring: P42DC #45 pulling a 6 car amfleet set, and F40PH #90230 on the back. 1:09) Train #2 - (Grand Ave.) QUICK DECISION SHOT - Amtrak Pacific Surfliner #573, with cabcar #6905 leading, and F59PHI #454 trailing. 1:53) Train #3 - (Grand Ave.) Amtrak Pacific Surfliner #774, with F59PHI #457 in the "Operation Lifesaver" wrap, and a KILLER K5LA display !!! 2:52) Train #4 - (Santa Ana Blvd.) Metrolink train, with SCAX #656 leading the way. 3:35) Train #5) Amtrak Pacific Surfliner #777 arriving at the Santa Ana train station. 4:28) Amtrak #777 departing the station, and crossing through Santa Ana Blvd. 5:56) Metrolink train, with SCAX EMD F59PH #865 leading. 6:57) Metrolink train, with SCAX EMD F59PHI #885 arriving at the station. 9:05) Amtrak Pacific Surfliner #579, with Cabcar #6908 leading the way into the station. 10:00) Amtrak #579 departing the station, and laying on the K5LA horn and slowing down as the crossing gates at Santa Ana Blvd. took a while to go down !! 11:23) (4th street) Amtrak Pacific Surfliner #580, with F59PHI #463 departing the Santa Ana train station, with "better than usual" K5LA action !!

REALLY GOOD P2 horn - Metrolink 859 arriving and departing Orange
F59PH 864; cab car 615. Awesome Nathan Airchime P2 horn. Copyright © YouTube user AmtrakSurfliner768 (A.K.A. bigfootrsbuddy123)

BNSF & Metrolink Trains @ West Corona Metrolink station (November 16th, 2013)
Corona, CA Saturday November 16th, 2013. Temporary info.

CP 5956 Leads Freight With UTA Frontrunner Passenger Car
CP Rail 5956 and DME 6200 pull a long freight. At the end of the train is a Utah Transit Authority Frontrunner passenger car being shipped out there for commuter service. Filmed in Davenport, IA January 21st, 2010. Info on Frontrunner http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FrontRunner

Driving A Train: PTC Equipped Metrolink Rotem Cab Car Simulator
On the day of March 21, 2014, I had the honor of operating Metrolink's Positive Train Control simulator engineers use to train on before they operate on the real rails. I had the opportunity to do this because I won Metrolink's Holiday contest. If you haven't followed me yet on Instagram, be sure to do so! Also, a BIG thanks to Mike and Hutch for helping me operate this simulator. And also to Yena, who made this whole experience possible! Metrolink's Website: www.metrolinktrains.com My Instagram: www.instagram.com/crazytaxi1000 Thanks for watching this video! I put a bunch of hard work into my videos and pictures, so please drop a like and subscribe, it would be very much appreciated!

Metrolink PSA - MetroThink (1992)
Metrolink - MetroThink / Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA) and the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission (LACTC), 1992. Rail Safety Video.

Caltrain Horn Salute In San Jose, California
Caltrain heading past the Caltrain Maintence Yard in San Jose, California on September 28th 2007 at 6:00PM. Nice blast on the Nathan P2 horn from that there engineer - Get R Done! Thanks For Watching and Enjoy!

Amtrak & Metrolink Trains in San Clemente, Capistrano Beach & Dana Point, CA (June 15th, 2013)
San Clemente, CA Capistrano Beach, CA Dana Point, CA Various Locations Saturday June 15th, 2013 AN ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL DAY IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA !!! Train #1 - (Pier crossing) Amtrak Pacific Surfliner #768 arriving at the San Clemente Pier Amtrak Train Station running about 7 minutes late, with F59PHI #463 in the lead, and F59PHI #464 trailing. 2:17) Train #2 - (Pier Station) Amtrak Pacific Surfliner #572, with P42DC #88 leading the way, and departing at the San Clemente Pier Amtrak Train Station. 4:18) Train #3 - (San Clemente, CA) Amtrak Pacific Surfliner #777 with cabcar #6953 leading the way, and F59PHI #457 following. 5:27) Train #4 - (San Clemente, CA) Amtrak Pacific Surfliner #579 with a (pretty rare) F59PHI #464 leading the way, with it's awesome overhauled appearance, and 3rd generation K5LA horn on a northbound!!! F59PHI #463, (also recently overhauled) following on the back. 6:44) Train #5 - (San Clemente, CA) Amtrak Pacific Surfliner #580 with F59PHI #456 in the lead with (once again) a weak horn display. 7:59) Train #6 - (Capistrano Beach, CA) Amtrak Pacific Surfliner #582 with F59PHI #454 in the lead. (9:30) Train #7 - (Capistrano Beach, CA) Amtrak Pacific Surfliner #785 leading the way (again... another rare locomotive leading northbound !!!) F59PHI #451 leading the way, and F59PHI #462 trailing. Running about 30 minutes late. 10:03) - Train #8 - (Dana Point, CA) Metrolink meetup !!! Cabcar #694 leading the passing train, and cabcar #681 following on the waiting train. 10:59) Train #9 - (Dana Point, CA) Amtrak Pacific Surfliner #784 with P42DC #88 leading the way in an awesome "golden hour" lighting shot !!! Running about 45 minutes late!

Metrolink (Sunset Ltd) at El Monte May June 2014
-1- May 28, 2013 Metrolink Train #327 Cab Car 655 - F59Phi 878 -2- May 28, 2014 Metrolink Train #314 MP36 892 - Cab Car 680 -3- May 30, 2014 Metrolink Train #338 MP36 890 - Cab Car 670 -4- June 6, 2014 Metrolink Train #339 Cab Car 686 - F59Phi 882 -5- June 6, 2014 Amtrak Train #2 with P42s 44 & 176

Amtrak, Coaster, & Metrolink Trains: Oceanside, Ca 3/25/10
Railfanning Oceanside on a very nice Thursday afternoon. 3/25/2010 Amtrak Surfliner, Coaster, and Metrolink Trains featured. Train #1...Coaster #656 departs Oceanside with cabcar #2304 & F40PH #2104 Train #2...Amtrak #583 slowly pulls out of Oceanside with cabcar #6903 leading & F59phi #459 trailing. Nice horn on the cabcar. Train #3...Amtrak #578 arrives into Oceanside, running about 10-15 minutes late. F59phi #462 & Cabcar #6952. Train #4...Metrolink train #808 departs on-time at 4:45pm. Usual crappy P2 horn. This is why I hate Metrolinks!! Thanks for watching!!! AmtrakCal462

Railfanning Oceanside, CA on 1/29/14 - Featuring RBRX 18520 on Metrolink
Amtrak Surfliner, Coaster, and Metrolink trains in Oceanside on a gloomy cold Wednesday afternoon in January 2014, featuring lease unit RBRX 18520 (ex-GO Transit) on Metrolink train #851. I was here for approx 3 hours and got a good amount of action! Watch in HD! Train #1...Amtrak #768 approaches the Oceanside station with F59PHI #464 leading, running right on-time. Train #2...Amtrak #573 departs the station with Cabcar #6953 on point. Train #3...Metrolink #851 crosses Surfrider Way at 12:45pm led by Cabcar 648. Train #4...Amtrak #777 crosses Surfrider Way at 12:53pm. Solid K5LA horn on Cabcar #6906! Train #5...Amtrak #572 with the Amfleet set, passes by running on-time with F59PHI #460 leading. Train #6...RBRX 18520 leads the Metrolink set to the Stuart Mesa yard at 1:05pm. This train is also crossing Surfrider Way in Oceanside. Nice horn too! Sure beats the crap horns Metrolink uses normally! Train #7...Coaster F40PH #2105 leads the afternoon train set to the Stuart Mesa yard as well. Train #8...F59PHI #463 leads Amtrak #774 through Wisconsin Ave at 2:19pm. Train #9 and #10...Amtrak #579 rolls by with Cabcar #6908 leading, shortly after, Coaster #654 passes by heading to downtown San Diego led by Cabcar #2310. Thanks for Watching! AmtrakCal462

PVC Nathan M5 train horn vs Nathan Airchime K5LLA decibel test
I am testing the decibel levels of a set of 12v GM Cadillac horns, my PVC Nathan M5 homemade train horns, and my Nathan Airchime K5LLA {real train horns}. I was quite surprised by the results. Although the decibel reading was very close between the PVC horns and the K5's, a 3 decibel difference between the two means that the K5's will sound twice as loud as the PVC horns to the human ear. None the less the PVC horns are deafening loud.

Metrolink F59PHI 876 with Impressive K5LA
After riding the Executive special with a set of Hyundai Rotem CEM cars to Santa Ana for the whistle stop debut, it departed Northbound so I decided to take Southbound train 684 back home. To my great pleasure, it was using the original horn which was a great way to wrap up the day. Enjoy!

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