Metrolink 883 with Two Horns and UTA Frontrunner car

I just got of this Metrolink train from Oceanside. During the ride, I noticed that the train was using a very nice K5LA mixed with P2 horn. With plenty of waving, jumping, and dancing, I got the engineer to give YouTube a sample of it's stellar K5LA. (You're WELCOME!) If you look close, you can see that this is also Metrolink's blankest locomotive. (Note the white paint around the plow.) Enjoy the video.

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Metrolink F59PHI 884 leading SCAX Train 285 with a K5LA
I got a heads up that A Metrolink was on its way up the Antelope Valley Line using its K5LA so I headed out to take video of it. I just barely caught it at Lang Station Road. After meeting it at Lang Station Road, I got ahead of it and got it at the Robbins Nest Campground crossing, a location I haven't been to in years and this crossing thankfully is exactly how it was the last time I was here. Then I got a few videos alongside F59PHI 884 passing by train 226 which is the last train to Los Angeles and crossing over one of Acton's private railroad crossings, shortly after, the Bootlegger Canyon Road crossing, and then I paced it across the Thousand Trails Crossing. I made a good effort to beat it to the Crown Valley crossing before the signals started but to no avail, that crossing always starts really early. I then proceeded to Sierra Highway South to catch it crossing there and Barrel Springs Road and pace it to Ave. S. Finally, since it is the express and it terminates in Palmdale, it stays parked at the station for a few extra minutes and allowed me to get video of it at Ave P. Please comment on if you like all the videos of this chase compiled together or if you like them as separate videos, I'm trying something new. As always, thanks MrUp8444 for the heads up.

Nice Metrolink Horn! F59PHI 886 with a great P2!
Taken in '06. Enjoy!

Railfanning Oceanside, CA on 1/29/14 - Featuring RBRX 18520 on Metrolink
Amtrak Surfliner, Coaster, and Metrolink trains in Oceanside on a gloomy cold Wednesday afternoon in January 2014, featuring lease unit RBRX 18520 (ex-GO Transit) on Metrolink train #851. I was here for approx 3 hours and got a good amount of action! Watch in HD! Train #1...Amtrak #768 approaches the Oceanside station with F59PHI #464 leading, running right on-time. Train #2...Amtrak #573 departs the station with Cabcar #6953 on point. Train #3...Metrolink #851 crosses Surfrider Way at 12:45pm led by Cabcar 648. Train #4...Amtrak #777 crosses Surfrider Way at 12:53pm. Solid K5LA horn on Cabcar #6906! Train #5...Amtrak #572 with the Amfleet set, passes by running on-time with F59PHI #460 leading. Train #6...RBRX 18520 leads the Metrolink set to the Stuart Mesa yard at 1:05pm. This train is also crossing Surfrider Way in Oceanside. Nice horn too! Sure beats the crap horns Metrolink uses normally! Train #7...Coaster F40PH #2105 leads the afternoon train set to the Stuart Mesa yard as well. Train #8...F59PHI #463 leads Amtrak #774 through Wisconsin Ave at 2:19pm. Train #9 and #10...Amtrak #579 rolls by with Cabcar #6908 leading, shortly after, Coaster #654 passes by heading to downtown San Diego led by Cabcar #2310. Thanks for Watching! AmtrakCal462

Metrolink F59PHI 876 with Impressive K5LA
After riding the Executive special with a set of Hyundai Rotem CEM cars to Santa Ana for the whistle stop debut, it departed Northbound so I decided to take Southbound train 684 back home. To my great pleasure, it was using the original horn which was a great way to wrap up the day. Enjoy!