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Metrolink 883 with Two Horns and UTA Frontrunner car

I just got of this Metrolink train from Oceanside. During the ride, I noticed that the train was using a very nice K5LA mixed with P2 horn. With plenty of waving, jumping, and dancing, I got the engineer to give YouTube a sample of it's stellar K5LA. (You're WELCOME!) If you look close, you can see that this is also Metrolink's blankest locomotive. (Note the white paint around the plow.) Enjoy the video.


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Nice Metrolink Horn! F59PHI 886 with a great P2!
Taken in '06. Enjoy!

REALLY GOOD P2 horn - Metrolink 859 arriving and departing Orange
F59PH 864; cab car 615. Awesome Nathan Airchime P2 horn. Copyright © YouTube user AmtrakSurfliner768 (A.K.A. bigfootrsbuddy123)

CP 5956 Leads Freight With UTA Frontrunner Passenger Car
CP Rail 5956 and DME 6200 pull a long freight. At the end of the train is a Utah Transit Authority Frontrunner passenger car being shipped out there for commuter service. Filmed in Davenport, IA January 21st, 2010. Info on Frontrunner http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FrontRunner

Railfanning Moorpark 1/19/09, Amtrak action, Metrolink With K5LA!! And More!

Union Pacific Breathes Life into The Biggest Steam Locomotive Ever Built
For the first time in over fifty years, the Big Boy #4014 is on the move again. Here she is being towed through Ontario, California's Amtrak Station, on her way to Colton, and ultimately Wyoming to be restored to her former glory. This video is raw due to my video editor being difficult. Shot on a Sony NEX-3.

Railfanning San Clemente, Ca - Amtrak & Metrolink Trains, 7/13/11
There are a lot of scenic areas along the Surfline. This stretch of rail passes by many beaches, bluffs, and cool scenic areas along Southern California's coastline. San Clemente is one of these cool scenic spots to watch some trains go by!! I caught 8 trains passing through, most of them being Amtrak Surfliners. Here's the train info: Watch in HD!! Train #1...F59PHI #464 with its newer hybrid K5LA horn, passes by leading Amtrak #572. Train #2...Amtrak #775 passes through the San Clemente Pier station with Cabcar #6907 leading. Only a select few Amtrak trains stop here. Train #3...Amtrak #774 passes through one of the many pedestrian crossings along San Clemente. Train #4...Amtrak #579 cruises by with an awful K5LA on Cabcar #6952. Train #5...Metrolink #641 passes by with an all Hyundai Rotem car set. Train #6...Amtrak #578 slowly cruises by San Clemente with F59PHI #451 leading. Train #7...Cabcar #626 leads Metrolink Train #609 alongside the pedestrian dirt path. Train #8...Amtrak #583 makes its way through San Clemente. Cabcar #6953 leads the train past Calafia State Beach. Thanks for Watching!! AmtrakCal462

Metrolink F59PHI 883 with K5LA and P2 horns at the same time!
Metrolink's F59PHI # 883 uses the K5LA with the usual P2 horn simultaneously, creating what would technically be called a "K7PA." Shot at Rancho Capistrano Private road crossing just under a mile South of Laguna Niguel/Mission Viejo Metrolink station. Train number was 802. Shot with a Canon Vixia HF R10 and edited with Sony Vegas Pro 9.0.

Railfanning Oceanside, CA on 1/29/14 - Featuring RBRX 18520 on Metrolink
Amtrak Surfliner, Coaster, and Metrolink trains in Oceanside on a gloomy cold Wednesday afternoon in January 2014, featuring lease unit RBRX 18520 (ex-GO Transit) on Metrolink train #851. I was here for approx 3 hours and got a good amount of action! Watch in HD! Train #1...Amtrak #768 approaches the Oceanside station with F59PHI #464 leading, running right on-time. Train #2...Amtrak #573 departs the station with Cabcar #6953 on point. Train #3...Metrolink #851 crosses Surfrider Way at 12:45pm led by Cabcar 648. Train #4...Amtrak #777 crosses Surfrider Way at 12:53pm. Solid K5LA horn on Cabcar #6906! Train #5...Amtrak #572 with the Amfleet set, passes by running on-time with F59PHI #460 leading. Train #6...RBRX 18520 leads the Metrolink set to the Stuart Mesa yard at 1:05pm. This train is also crossing Surfrider Way in Oceanside. Nice horn too! Sure beats the crap horns Metrolink uses normally! Train #7...Coaster F40PH #2105 leads the afternoon train set to the Stuart Mesa yard as well. Train #8...F59PHI #463 leads Amtrak #774 through Wisconsin Ave at 2:19pm. Train #9 and #10...Amtrak #579 rolls by with Cabcar #6908 leading, shortly after, Coaster #654 passes by heading to downtown San Diego led by Cabcar #2310. Thanks for Watching! AmtrakCal462

"Whoa Nelly!"
Train engineer says the title on arrival into Fullerton and gives two friendly horn blasts on the Nathan P2 upon departure, which is pretty unusual for Metrolink trains. Perhaps this was another Amtrak engineer. The train number is 684 to Laguna Niguel/Mission Viejo. Enjoy the video.

Caltrain Horn Salute In San Jose, California
Caltrain heading past the Caltrain Maintence Yard in San Jose, California on September 28th 2007 at 6:00PM. Nice blast on the Nathan P2 horn from that there engineer - Get R Done! Thanks For Watching and Enjoy!

San Clemente Beach Surfliner and Metrolink
A warm day on the beach brings many trains by the San Clemente Beach Park.

Metrolink F59PHI 885 through Fairhaven Street With Train 802
This crossing is in the process of being removed. It's deconstruction is already underway. Metrolink 802 really laid on the Nathan P2 horn here with F59PHI #885 (with a faint hint of K5LA, listen to how loud the horns were at 0:33) and Generation 1 Bombardier Cab car #630 trailing. The K5LA was only noticeable when it was far enough away because when it was close, the P2 was in full blast while the K5LA was lightly quilled. The K5LA was quieter than the P2 in this case but the K5LA's sound naturally carried farther than the P2's sound did; therefore, the K5LA was only audible from a distance. Shot with a Canon Vixia HF R10 and edited with Sony Vegas Pro 9.0.

I am bad at grab shots
Riding in a truck with no windows and with two train haters. Two Burlington Northern Santa Fe manifests and a Union Pacific Coal Train. I have absolutely no idea where this is. Just know that it's near Barstow. Enjoy to the best of your ability.

Rancho Capistrano- One AWESOME P2, Three K5LAs, and a BNSF K3LA (Sounds like RS3K)
I know many of you think this is actually located in Laguna Niguel, but (no joke) the crossing is only a few feet within the city limit sign of Mission San Juan Capistrano. The first train came through a minute after I arrived. It was Metrolink 664 with the absolute best P2 horn I've ever heard. Train two was Amtrak 784 and a pretty smooth but quiet K5LA. The third train came just as I was preparing to leave due to light issues, so that explains the handheld shot there. Train 4 was a double header Surfliner train. After it passed, the BNSF was cleared to proceed to San Diego. The 5th and final train was the BNSF manifest from Barstow to San Diego (M-BARSDG) with a strong K3LA. The train held at the Laguna Niguel/Mission Viejo station, only about 3/4 mile away for the northbound Amtrak to pass through first.

Amtrak Cascades rolling through Blaine, WA
Amtrak train 513 rolls southbound through Birch Bay Lynden Road grade crossing in the border town of Blaine, Washington. Fresh after crossing over the US-Canada international boundary, this train originated in Vancouver, British Columbia and made its way to Portland, Oregon. Shot with a Sony NEX-3 and edited with Sony Vegas Pro 9.0.

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