Real truth about dubai 5 (United Arab Emirates)UAE/ world richest country

Real truth about dubai 5 (United Arab Emirates)UAE/ world richest country

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Amazing Things You'll Only See In Dubai
Top 10 stuff you will only see in the land of Dubai. Some seem outright crazy but these things are common in The United Arab Emirates, Dubai. Subscribe to our channel: Other Videos You Might Like 10 Weird Things That Are Common In Australia: The Most Strange Superstitions In The World: Description: How many times have you been looking around the internet and come across an image that just seems out of this world? If it involved something which seemed bizarre and extravagant and looks to have taken place in the Middle-East, chances are it happened in Dubai. Most people had never heard of this little emirate 15 years ago, yet today many of us associate it with wealth, modern design and lavish lifestyles. Of course, through the internet some characteristics of Dubai have become better known than others. Heavily modified cars, insane police vehicles, amazing structures and bizarre personal trends – these are just a few of the topics which make up a flood of amazing pictures associated with the biggest city in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is one of seven emirates which makes up the United Arab Emirates. Over the last several decades the city has grown considerably thanks to it being a hub for trade and commerce and the discovery of oil. That said, the emirate’s oil deposits are shrinking and expected to disappear within the next 20 years. In order to prepare for this eventuality, the government diversified its economic strategy by focussing on trade, business and tourism. What’s there to see in Dubai? Initially, not a lot but this has changed dramatically. From virtually nothing, the city embarked on a project to create a tourist destination with no equal in the world. This has seen a major increase in construction projects throughout the emirates as new high rises, hotels, theme parks and even islands are constructed. The whole undertaking has drawn considerable attention to the emirates and resulted in a dramatic increase in business and tourism for Dubai in recent years. The resulting boom in the economy has made a lot of people who call Dubai home very rich. In some cases, local residence are so wealthy their lifestyle can make a Hollywood star look very plain. You’ve no doubt seen pictures of the many supercars which people drive and some of the mind-blowing luxurious homes they reside in. Even the restaurants and coffee shops can reflect this wealth as demonstrated by a Starbucks that looks like a palace or a restaurant within a vast aquarium. Yes, in many cases the extravagant and the amazing come to life for all to see in Dubai. The following video looks at some of the most amazing things you’ll only see in Dubai. In some cases, amazing may not be the best word because some things can get just a little bizarre. This should come as no surprise as the emirates has seen a coming together of Western and Middle-East cultures over the last several years. Nonetheless, each will make you stop and take notice. From cars and buildings to sports and pets, there seems to be a lot in Dubai that would look out of place even in Las Vegas. Nonetheless, after going through the following video it’s pretty obvious there are some pretty amazing things that you can only find in Dubai. Our Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Featuring: Interesting Passengers Superstar Private Entertainment An Underwater Experience Gold ATM Machines A Supercar Paradise The World’s Largest Man-Made Islands Indoor Ski Resort High-Rise Tennis The Tallest Building in the World A Temperature Controlled Indoor City Music Track: Desert Motorcade For more videos and articles visit:

Shocking Things That Only Exist In Dubai
Here is a list of the most shocking things that only exist in Dubai! Subscribe to Talltanic 13. You thought you could get by with things while floating along on that crystal clear water. Think again! Speed limits are also controlled all around the marina and the police with have no trouble keeping up on their very own aquatic speedster. Rogue jet-skiers and boats are being targeted by Dubai Police after new stats revealed there had been 56 accident within a single year. They just want safe coasts that anyone can enjoy and it's also a great excuse to add a fancy new toy to their growing fleet of police transportation. 12. Pet camel and pet cheetah are okay, but don't you dare take that goldfish onto the metro! Keep that smelly fiend in it’s bowl. Dead or alive you cannot bring fish on board with you. All pets are actually banned from the train systems and only guide dogs are allowed to ride the rails. 11. When money isn't going to cheetahs and golden cell phones it's being used to help the poor and needy. They have faith that the people in need will take a single item per person. What a caring thing to do for your community when the wealth seems so abundant there. 10. Let's see I was hoping for some Skittles, but on second thought I'll take some gold to go with this insane vending machine. You can get 10-gram gold bars or customized gold coins dispensed to you from these premium machines. It’s the perfect souvenir to bring back home. Nothing says, "I was thinking about you", more than the gift of gold. 9. Why have a boring regular motorcycle? Cover that thing in gold and relish in the luxury while having the thrilling experience of driving it through the sand dunes of Dubai. 8. You know not everyone needs a gold phone or a golden stallion to ride on. One might prefer this white steed to travel on. It'll speak to your inner equestrian and aren't the ladies always talking about seeing their prince riding up on a big white horse? 7. Haven't had your own night in shining armor show up on a white horse? In need of the perfect groom? You might be wondering how to nab one of those rich husbands so they would buy you gold covered everything. A post in Dubai's daily paper should do the trick! 6. That rich husband you just got might be advised to whip you into shape if you're acting bit strange so proceed with caution ladies. Hit him with that golden brick you bought and get the heck out of there! 5. I'll wait for you at the bottom while you enjoy the view from various skyscrapers more than 20 stories in the air. Dubai is home to over 900 high rises and it even has one of the tallest buildings in the world! Burj Khalifa, which contains 209 floors, held the record for tallest building in the world since its completion in 2010. Dubai has the tallest sky-line in all of the Middle East and the world. Pretty impressive. 4. On your way up those towering skyscrapers stop in the lobby for the most luxurious Starbucks you will ever step foot in. I'll take a white chocolate macchiato and yes I would like to live here also. 3. If towering skyscrapers don't do it for you then how about a game of sky high tennis. Not for the faint of heart I'd say.The Burj al Arab a luxury hotel is the fourth tallest building in the world who's green rooftop was made into a temporary tennis court to promote the Dubai Tennis Championships it's such a thrilling sight. Imagine falling 1,000 feet towards the ground. Just thinking about it makes one dizzy. 2. Not everyone in Dubai needs the super speed from fast cars to get around the city or the adrenaline of sky high sports. How about a relaxing day of stand up paddle boarding out with a friend? This gentle water sport is actually quite popular and really great for the abs! 1. At the end of your night you just want to settle into a fabulous hotel room. Why not throw a blonde wig on and complete the experience at this very Barbie Dream House like hotel room. Hotels in the states need to take a lesson from Dubai standards. Dubai is one of the wealthiest and fastest growing cities in the world and holds an abundance of things we could only dream of. If you could pick from any of these extravagant items, activities, or exotic pets what would you choose? We'd Love to hear what you have to say in the comments below. Don't forget to like and subscribe to our channel for more fun videos like this one. Thanks for watching!

Dubai Billionaires and Their Luxury Homes and Toys - Documentary
The Eccentric lives of The Ultra Rich in Dubai, Form Their Homes, Toys and Crazy Life style, watch to see what you are missing out on.