1952 Hudson Saved from the Crusher!

Hi! Cold War Motors just bought this sweet old Hudson Pacemaker to stop it from being turned into more Camrys. Its not exactly mint, but I just love the patina on this original paint car. Maybe we'll try to get it roadworthy and just drive it the way it is. It'll need the interior redone, and the engine is gone, but its fairly solid and complete. I hope you like it!

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"Will it Run?" Special: 1949 Frazer Daily Driver Project! Week 2
Hi! This week we'll try to get the Frazer to fire for the first time in many years. I also decided that there were enough parts missing (someone had dismantled the car years ago and lost a bunch of stuff) or broken that I was going to need a parts car. There were a trio of early Kaisers for sale at the old Stan Reynolds site in Wetaskiwin, so I decided that they would be close enough, as most of the mechanical bits are similar. Since they were for sale as a set, I had to buy all of them! Anyway, hope you enjoy a look at these old Kaisers that had been sitting in a field for 50 years! Next time we'll get started with the mechanical work the Frazer is going to need to get plated... Thanks for subscribing and for all of your thoughts and comments... Cheers from me and Stella!

Field Find! 1952 Nash Ambassador Custom!
Hi! We're back after another long Canadian winter! I've been pretty busy with customer cars, but I did manage to pick up a couple more units for us to enjoy! This time it's a 1952 Nash Ambassador Custom 4 door sedan. I like the unique styling and interesting engineering of these Nashes; they certainly look like nothing else on the road. These were unibody cars since before the war, and the skrted-wheel styling (with supposed input from famous Italian design house Farina) gives them a look that is unmistakable and unique. This particular car is the top-of-the-line model, with nice touches like beautiful green-tinted glass, radio, and GM's Hydramatic automatic transmission. It looks like this car was parked when it was fairly new after a sideswipe accident probably wrote it off. The owner must have kept the car intending to fix it, and never did... Maybe I should repair it? I'd sure like to get it going, but it's pretty rough after being stored outside for many years. It is mostly complete, and has only about 25000 miles showing. Well, either way, it's the last independent manufacturer I needed to have all of the 5 major postwar independents for the CWMC used-car lot! Let's line it up there with the Packard, Hudson, Studebaker, and Kaiser! Thanks for watching this stuff, and for subscribing! Lots more to come this summer now that the snow is finally gone. Cheers!

1953 Packard Saved From the Crusher!
Hi! This time we're going to give this old Packard Clipper a home so it doesn't get melted down and made into 7 or 8 Yarii. This old girl has seen way better days, but I wanted one for the CWMC used-car lot to class the place up a bit. Thanks for joining us as we take a little look around this straight-8-powered beauty. It's equipped with the Ultramatic transmission, Packard's own automatic. No power steering in this one, though! This car was originally a light grey with a black top and grey interior. At some point it seems like it was repaired after an accident on the left front corner and repainted this green with a white top. I'm not sure what to do with this Packard, but I just wanted it anyway. Maybe we'll try sometime to get it going again? Let us know what you think. Thanks for watching this stuff; I enjoy sharing these junkyard gems with you. Please subscribe to the coldwarmotors channel if you like this kind of thing! Cheers from me and Stella.

going to the crusher
time stands still and the chrome still shines........the crusher patiently waits