1952 Hudson Saved from the Crusher!

Hi! Cold War Motors just bought this sweet old Hudson Pacemaker to stop it from being turned into more Camrys. Its not exactly mint, but I just love the patina on this original paint car. Maybe we'll try to get it roadworthy and just drive it the way it is. It'll need the interior redone, and the engine is gone, but its fairly solid and complete. I hope you like it!

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BRING EM BACK TO LIFE Ep. 1 - 10 minute trailer
See New Episodes of Bring Em Back to Life here - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnlTccWXfyP4hcvlaS97Hrw BRING EM BACK TO LIFE Ep. 1 5 Minute Trailer Kleeman's Autoparts www.den56.com Copyright 2008 IPR 2006 Join me, Denny Salvage, as we walk down memory lane in our outdoor museums of automotive history looking for that "Gold Mine" of a parts car or that restorable "Gem in the Rough". In every episode we highlight several such treasures. One of these "Gems" comes back to the shop for an upgrade as we "Bring 'Em Back to Life".

I finally got my 1951 Hudson Hornet back after a long and expoensive retotation and reflect on whether it was worth all the cost and stress.

1951 Kaiser Saved from the Crusher!
Hi! Cold War Motors just bought this great old Kaiser so it wouldn't get flattened and made into Kia Rondos. Its the low-end "Special" model with a Continental flat head 6 cylinder engine and a 3 speed column shift. CWM is a sucker for original paint and this metallic brown beauty is no exception. I have wanted one of these Darrin-styled 1951-1954 Kaisers since I was a kid, and was really happy when this one came along and I was able to save it. Its a very restoreable car, with a good chassis and minimal rust. The hood badge was missing, but I've got one on the way, courtesy of Ebay. The engine is stuck, and the interior is rough but complete down to the radio delete panel. I might not get around to restoring this one right away, but meanwhile it looks great in the barn next to the Hudsons and the 50 Plymouth. Hope you enjoy a couple of minutes of looking at this great old Kaiser!

"Will it Run?" Special: 1949 Frazer Daily Driver Project! Week 2
Hi! This week we'll try to get the Frazer to fire for the first time in many years. I also decided that there were enough parts missing (someone had dismantled the car years ago and lost a bunch of stuff) or broken that I was going to need a parts car. There were a trio of early Kaisers for sale at the old Stan Reynolds site in Wetaskiwin, so I decided that they would be close enough, as most of the mechanical bits are similar. Since they were for sale as a set, I had to buy all of them! Anyway, hope you enjoy a look at these old Kaisers that had been sitting in a field for 50 years! Next time we'll get started with the mechanical work the Frazer is going to need to get plated... Thanks for subscribing and for all of your thoughts and comments... Cheers from me and Stella!