1952 Hudson Saved from the Crusher!

Hi! Cold War Motors just bought this sweet old Hudson Pacemaker to stop it from being turned into more Camrys. Its not exactly mint, but I just love the patina on this original paint car. Maybe we'll try to get it roadworthy and just drive it the way it is. It'll need the interior redone, and the engine is gone, but its fairly solid and complete. I hope you like it!

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"Will it Run?" Special: Frazer Daily Driver 1-Year Update!
Hey! I figured we should update the Frazer project after a year of driving in all types of conditions. Repairs were required, but considering she is such an old, unrestored car, I think we got away really lucky. The total cost of running the car for a year was essentially gas and oil, a bit of antifreeze, and insurance. I used the Frazer a lot; probably more than any of my other cars. I ran errands with it, went to some events, took friends out in it, drove it in the rain, drove it to get groceries; it didn't get used any differently than a modern car. Of course, special care is required if you are going to use a car this old in modern traffic. No seat belts means driving extra carefully, and 6-volt headlights meant keeping the night driving in the city to a minimum. Out here in the country they are fine, though. Anyway, over the summer I filmed a couple of the repairs and as usual, we had a few laughs keeping this thing on the road. I enjoy using the car, and the appearance of it means I never worry about leaving it parked anywhere, or fretting if someone puts a drink on the fender, or whatever. The dogs like it too; lots of room and windows that go all the way down! FAQ: Are you going to paint it? Never. I have so many cars that are better candidates for painting that this one will never get done. It would mean having to find a better grille, the missing trim, etc. What's the gas mileage? I don't know... Probably 16- 20 mpg depending on use. Are you going to rebuild the engine? I am going to put another engine together and have it sitting on a stand if this one fails. Right now it is going well, and a few drips of oil every couple of days is not a concern. The clutch is holding up well, and so is the overdrive. The brakes are really doing well, and the car stops straight and properly, as long as you drive within the car's modest limits. Leave lots of room, etc, but I've only ever owned old cars, so there isn't much for me to get used to. Anyway, I wanted to say thanks again to everyone who watches this stuff, and especially to everyone who subscribed and for all of your "likes" and comments. I'll be wrapping up this year's Ambassador project here soon, and then we're on to something a little less basic than the Frazer, haha! All the very best from us here; please subscribe if you haven't already! Shirts and stuff soon, I swear! Getting the site set up. Cheers from me and Stella and Francine and the rest of the guys that make this little YT channel possible.

BRING EM BACK TO LIFE Ep. 1 - 10 minute trailer
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I finally got my 1951 Hudson Hornet back after a long and expoensive retotation and reflect on whether it was worth all the cost and stress.

1948 ACF Brill Bus Saved from the Crusher
Sorry for the delay. I can only do so many things at once! More to come on the Brill...