2008 Civic SI Skunk2

I made this video so that any one wondering what the Skunk2 Header paired with the Skunk2 70mm Exhaust sounded like. ***If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment box. I had music, but because of youtube's copyright stuff I had to take it out.

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07 Civic Si Skunk2 Header and Full-Race Exhaust Sound Clips | The Drive Shorts
Like us on Facebook! facebook.com/thedrivetv1 Follow us on Instagram! @the_drive_ig Here are a few sound clips on a cold winter day. We have been pummeled by snow this past month, so please excuse the layer of salt that is covering my car. I promise you, it's never been that dirty before. Please comment with any of your questions, comments, or requests. We love to hear from you! And don't forget to hit that subscribe button!

Skunk2 70mm Catback + skunk2 Header
Honda civic si sedan 2009

2006 civic si skunk2 header
Skunk2 header, skunk2 Exhaust. Pulled from 1 to 4 inside car.

08 Civic Si Skunk2 Header
Just got the header a few days ago the vid is a cold start w/ rev no it does not have reflash im waiting for hondata to release the flash pro Thanks to the guys at project imports http://projectimport.com/