VW bug Frame recap So far #162

Hurray, the VW bug's lower frame is complete as far as I can get it for now. I will still need to remove the frame and flip it around a bit to get to all the welds. Next up, compression of the struts to determine ride height and strut top location. So far so good.

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Remove all the wooden jigs and see the VW roll #231.mpg
I have reached a big mile-stone in my build. The entire engine and chassis is up on it's own and rolls very nicely. I have done a lot of jumping up and down on the front and rear suspension and it seems to perform great. I will install the steering rack next and then remove the frame from everything else to finish the welding.

Build custom tail lights for VW bug #475
I have installed all of the lighting on the front of the VW bug and now I have to complete the rear. I am having to build some custom tail lights. It took a while to figure it out, but I think I got it.

Monster Beetle
Do Monster Beetles float? Or this bug roll over?

Position all VW Bug front sheet metal #111
This VW bug body, no doubt, took a lick sometime in it's life. I guess thats why the front apron had already been replaced (incorrectly positioned). I had to remove the other front apron and am now trying to reposition the new one as well as the front fenders. I am doing this all at the same time to try and get the front end lined up exactly. This fitting is mainly for front wheel positioning.