VW bug Frame recap So far #162

Hurray, the VW bug's lower frame is complete as far as I can get it for now. I will still need to remove the frame and flip it around a bit to get to all the welds. Next up, compression of the struts to determine ride height and strut top location. So far so good.

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Remove all the wooden jigs and see the VW roll #231.mpg
I have reached a big mile-stone in my build. The entire engine and chassis is up on it's own and rolls very nicely. I have done a lot of jumping up and down on the front and rear suspension and it seems to perform great. I will install the steering rack next and then remove the frame from everything else to finish the welding.

Build custom tail lights for VW bug #475
I have installed all of the lighting on the front of the VW bug and now I have to complete the rear. I am having to build some custom tail lights. It took a while to figure it out, but I think I got it.

VW Beetle Rally Compilation
Huomenta! Aaton aatto jo, eli luukku 23 vuorossa. VW Kuplat on enemmän tuttuja jokkiksesta, mutta kyllä niitä muutama pyörii ralleissakin. Ihan viihdyttävää, ja paikoitellen yritteliästä menoa Kuplaluokassa :) 23/24 VW Beetle rally compilation. Action & some crashes..

VW bug masked off and ready for primer #473
All of the initial body work is now complete. I am priming the doors, deck lid and hood first. I painted the back side of all the panels before turning them over to do the front side. I then placed the bug in my home made paint booth and started the painting process. I have final sanded, cleaned and masked off the entire vehicle ready for primer.