How to make gears How to make gears, such as the ones I used for my screw advance box joint jig or my wooden router lift.

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How to Make Wooden Gears with a Router
A SIMPLE jig that transforms your router table into an EFFECTIVE gear making machine! ▼▼▼ READ MORE AND CONNECT ▼▼▼ ►► TOOLS IN THIS PROJECT ◄◄ Router in Workbench - ( 1/4" Router Bit - Router Dust Hood - Workbench - Screw Clamps - Quick Clamps - Mitre Saw - Jigsaw - Jigsaw Circle Jig - Drill - 1281 Square - Mini Square - Auto Adjust Toggle Clamp - Automatic Punch - (note: I use a larger model in the video, but I've since got this one and like it better! it's cheaper too) Automatic Self Centering Punch - Wood Tap -,41306,41330,40 057 ►► I'D LOVE TO TALK =) ◄◄ on on on on ►► MAKE MY DAY & SUBSCRIBE ◄◄ ►► FIND TONS MORE ◄◄

Gear Head Part 1 - Construction
Building the Gear Head and front side gears. All hand-cut gears. Related videos: Cutting Wood Gear & Clock Wheel Teeth Disc Sander - Circle Sanding Jig Cutting Piano Wire - Short Accurate Lengths Gear Mechanisms - Balancing The Load Water Based Dyes and Baltic Birch Plywood Wood Gears, Oatmeal And Linseed Oil

Gear generator (version 3)
Showing off the gear template generator program, version 3. You can buy this program here: Please note: This program is Windows only.

Making wood thread taps
A simple way to make thread taps from bolts of screws using an angle grinder. To address some hostile comments: Don't have the tools to make one? For less than the cost of one "wood whisperer thread tap" you can buy an angle grinder and make one, assuming you already have a saw, a drill, and a piece of wood and a screw. But people have been using metal taps on wood for ages, I'm trying to counter the recent idea that you need extra special expensive taps for wood. Keep woodworking accessible. But if this video bothers you, please unsubscribe from my channel. I'm not there to please you, and I won't miss you. Cause I like it edgy :)