How to make gears How to make gears, such as the ones I used for my screw advance box joint jig or my wooden router lift.

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Making beveled right angle gears
Making gears that run smooth at a right angle by beveling the teeth. More on making these: Using my gear program (which I wrote, and which I sell)

Building the tilting router lift Showing how I built the tilting router lift, step by step

Wooden air engine My wooden steam engine model, running off a vacuum cleaner. For more about this engine, click the link.

Metalwork-Making Gears
Making gears for magnet motor concept, so I can try and space out the spindles a bit more. The magnet motor has been sat in the back of a cupboard for 8 or 9 months, then someone sent me a comment asking me to try different spacing between the spindles. I wanted to make a gear cutting video so I decided to make them for this project even though I don't think the magnet motor will ever work.