How to destroy a hard drive

What to do with a failed hard drive? It was only an IBM Deskstar of 40gb that was not working properly, so we opened it and played with it.

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72 MB Hard Drive spinning up...
One of our instructors dropped this by our office today.. (Drive was dead, un-readable, and un-repairable.. stop yelling at me & making me sad for making the old drive head-crash.. )

Smoking machine by Kristoffer Myskja

500 LED Extreme flashlight
Homemade 500 LED extreme flashlight. Check for more info

RAM memory DDR2 overclocking failure
Do you wanna exchange with me Featured Channel? Write message to me!!! Subscribe! Fun with overclocking RAM - DDR2 with a 12v and charger :) And apparently the memory works using 12V​​? Do not do this at home!