Lexus IS 250 Acceleration 0-225 km/h in car

Lexus IS 250 Acceleration from 0 to 200 km/h (0-125 mph) 0-100 7 sec (0-60) 0-200 28 sec (0-125)

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Lexus IS250 Acceleration
2006 Lexus IS250 with 205' snow tires! Wheelspin at first try, but the tires are surprisingly good at 7°C and dry road. Until ~90km/h flat surface afterwards a little bit downhill... For information: Nokia GPS says 244 km/h at 260-Speedometer

Lexus IS 250 top speed 260km/h

2008 Lexus IS250 Injen Intake and Resonator Delete 0-60 time
Just testing the aggressiveness of my new Injen short rem air intake, it sounds much louder then the video and makes sweet sound at higher RPM. Had no issue installing it, pretty straight forward 0-60 is the same, felt a little HP gain but not very noticeable. Overall very impressed with the intake .. Oh and the resonator is taken out by my local mufflers for less shop for $40 :)

Lexus IS 250 in the snow
rwd + snow in vegas = fun