Repair cvt VT25-E/VT20-E, Saturn, Opel. Demonstrated inside the repair of variator VT25-E/VT20-E (continuous variable transmission: CVT), mounted on car Saturn Vue 2,2l 2002-2005 and Ion Quad Coupe 2,2l 2003-2004. Also installed on the car Opel Signum 2004-2007 and the Opel Vectra C 2004-2007. Ремонт вариатора VT25-E/VT20-E. Saturn Vue, OPEL.

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What is Inside a CVT?
CVT's, love them or hate them, they are here to stay. But how exactly does it work? How does it all fit together? In this episode we take apart a Nissan CVT and show you what makes it tick. instagram: @FastReligion

Variator 1
Вариатор японской фирмы Jatco в действии.

Fonctionement d'une Transmission CVT NISSAN vue en coupe CFRN de Rimouski
c'est le fonctionnement d'une transmission a courroie dite CVT mue par le pneumatique. c'est du matériel scolaire de l'école de mécanique de Rimouski.

Continuously Variable Transaxle (CVT) Operation
Weber State University (WSU) - Automotive Technology Department - Transmission Lab. GM Continuously Variable Transaxle (CVT) model VT25. How a belt-driven CVT Works. Ford, GM, Honda, Chrysler (JATCO), and Nissan CVTs are similar. CVTs allow the engine to operate at the RPM for peak efficiency while increasing and decreasing the transmission drive ratio to change vehicle speed. This video helps satisfy NATEF Task A2.C.23. "Describe the operational characteristics of a continuously variable transmission (CVT)", a priority 3 task. eCVTs are different and are demonstrated in another WeberAuto video. Download the VT25 Range Reference Chart here: hart.pdf This video was created and edited by John D. Kelly at WSU. For a full biography, see Visit my other youtube channel to see the amazing NVH app for vibration diagnosis!