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1990 Cadillac w/500 cubic inch motor

Little video of my Brougham for ya'll, didnt give it all it has but enough for this video. 500ci, TH400 w/kit, custom driveshaft, 3.73 rear gears, 800lb posi, impala springs, bilstien shocks, adjustable upper and lower rear control arms, 255/50zr17s all around...


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FIERO GT 8.2L longitudinal reverse rotation
my fiero gt with a 500 cu in caddy motor. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.571083926256297.1073741826.100000 640850725&type=3

1987 Cutlass 500 Caddy
My good friend's "Caddy" powered Cutlass. It has a 30 over 500 (509) C.I.D. caddy, With Home ported small chamber heads, W 2.19/1.88 valves, Quadrajet, Performer intake, MT-10 cam, cast iron manifolds, turbo 400 and a 3:08 Grand National rear. This motor is hungry, and the factory fuel lines didn't cut it. Time to take it to the track!!!

Caddy 500 cid 8.2L dyno results
Took my 500 cid caddy motor to a Dyno shop and had it broken in and Dyno'd. Best run was 492hp @ 5000 RPM and 572f/lb @ 4000 RPM. The crazy thing to me is that it makes 490 f/lb @ 2500 RPM.

500ci cadillac cruzing wit the cutouts open
runnin the caddy cold comment and subscribe more cideos to come with the cadillac updates ..shes a work in progress new transmission drive shaft perfomce intake manifold intake ,cam shaft engine interior suspenchion almost done

73 Olds Cutlass powered by 500 cid Cadillac
3560 lbs 73 Olds Cutlass powered by a 500 cid Cadillac. pass was run on 9 yr. old slicks and still has tuning left to do.

Cadillac Thumpr cam
1979 Coupe DeVille Cadillac, 500 cubic inches and thumpr cam on a cold morning

429 Caddy engine . part 1 .
Was to have this engine done some time ago . But as with everything , other things get in the way of fun . Drug it over to the main shop , now it's time to pull it apart and see if it's saver or not . He has a 429 in his caddy , but it's got alot of blow by . Was hoping to get this engine up and running with little money . But not looking so good . So now for PLAN B .

1970 Cadillac Eldorado Drive! Old school at it's best. Art on wheels!
It's spring in Vermont! Time to take my 70' Eldorado for a little drive. She has just under 59,000 miles and drives great. Listen to the 500 V8 work away on this quick drive, enjoy!

472 cadillac first startup video 2

hey all this is our 76 Coupe DeVille with the 500 and shes actin up sumthin fierce! shes got this crazy flabby noise comin from the engine, she has NO power, and if u put ur ear to the tail pipe u can hear a tick ticking,, the vacuum gauge reading off the carb is PERFECT, so that pretty much rules out top end, but im open ta any insight before i go tearing stuff apart,, this all started when my friend bought the car, and drove it on the interstate at 80 mph with only 3 outta 5 quarts of oil,, he got 50 miles before he said he lost power and pulled over and turned it off before it could seize or die, then we had AAA tow the whole mess on back home,, (a painful lesson ta check them fluidz next time eh?) anywho please comment lemme know wut comes ta mind im thinkin bearings but id love sum other opinionz if u know wut i be sayin,,,,,, thanks abunch! Peace!!

Cadillac stroker 526 in car
526 inch stroker cadillac engine in '81 Pro Street Monte Carlo

Cadillac 500 truck burnout
68-76 rwd stud type mounts bolted to a 3/8x6 flat bar which is bolted to the chevy mount location. Eldorado oil pan. 425 mid sump style also works. Engine is from a '76, all stock except for a MTS #10 cam. Intake is ported. Check out cadillacpower.com

Torque converter vibration
Vibration in flexplate/TC causing major vibrations at high RPM in neutral and in gear.

500 Cadillac Start-up.avi
500 Cadillac swap into chevy truck.

'77 CoupeDeville with built 500 c.i. cadillac motor
First day of getting the new motor fired up.

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