1990 Cadillac w/500 cubic inch motor

Little video of my Brougham for ya'll, didnt give it all it has but enough for this video. 500ci, TH400 w/kit, custom driveshaft, 3.73 rear gears, 800lb posi, impala springs, bilstien shocks, adjustable upper and lower rear control arms, 255/50zr17s all around...

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FIERO GT 8.2L longitudinal reverse rotation
my fiero gt with a 500 cu in caddy motor. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.571083926256297.1073741826.100000 640850725&type=3

1987 Cutlass 500 Caddy
My good friend's "Caddy" powered Cutlass. It has a 30 over 500 (509) C.I.D. caddy, With Home ported small chamber heads, W 2.19/1.88 valves, Quadrajet, Performer intake, MT-10 cam, cast iron manifolds, turbo 400 and a 3:08 Grand National rear. This motor is hungry, and the factory fuel lines didn't cut it. Time to take it to the track!!!

Caddy 500 cid 8.2L dyno results
Took my 500 cid caddy motor to a Dyno shop and had it broken in and Dyno'd. Best run was 492hp @ 5000 RPM and 572f/lb @ 4000 RPM. The crazy thing to me is that it makes 490 f/lb @ 2500 RPM.

Cadillac 500 Engine
Cadillac 500 engine, built to fit in a Pontiac Grand Prix -70. Stock crank, rods and pistons. Edelbrock Performance intake manifold. MTS rocker arm shafts. Rochester Quadrajet 750 cfm. FlowKoler waterpump. HEI original distributor. Competition Cams "Thumper" camshaft. Modified Mellings oilpump. MTS Custom (Flat Top) aluminum valve covers. K&N 14 x 4 Inch aircleaner. MTS chrome moly pushrods. Modified oilpan and pickup. Static compression 10:1. TH 400 modified by Alexandra Engineering AB to fit the engine set up. Modified converter by Danilessons Bilservice AB, to match the stallspeed of the camshaft. GM 8.5" rearaxle with conedifferential from Auburn. Gear ratio 3.73:1 from Summit Racing. The rear end has been put together by Danilessons Bilservice AB.