Hot Laps in NASCAR at TMS

I did 10 hot laps in a NASCAR Cup Car at Texas Motor Speedway during a class with Team Texas

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Team Texas TMS: first laps
These are my first ever laps behind the wheel of a stock car at Team Texas driving school. The free DVD converter I used only let me post the first few minutes. I got faster as the laps went on, passing 3 cars total in 10 laps. If I can convert the rest, I'll post the entire video. FUN STUFF!!

NASCAR & INDYCAR Take Ceremonial Lap At Texas Motor Speedway || SocialNews.XYZ
Texas Motor Speedway underwent a complete repave of the racing surface and pit lane; a re-profiling of Turns 1 & 2 by reducing the banking from 24 to 20 degrees and expanding the racing surface from 60 to 80 feet; and the addition of an expansive French drainage system beneath the track. ___________________________________________________________________________ _________________ Subscribe Here ► Vist our Site ► Like us on Facebook ► Follow Us on Twitter ► Subscribe us on Apple News ► ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________

NASCAR driving class - 150 mph
This video is from the dashboard camera of an authentic NASCAR stock car that I drove at Texas Motor Speedway. The driving class is offered by I drove 10 laps and hit 150mph multiple times. A professional driver was in the passenger seat. The price was $214.50 and that was a half price summer special. Well worth it.