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Hot Laps in NASCAR at TMS

I did 10 hot laps in a NASCAR Cup Car at Texas Motor Speedway during a class with Team Texas


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NASCAR Driving Experience at ATL Motor Speedway
My day with the Jeff Gordon Racing school at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Great time, can't wait to do it again.

Laps at Texas Motor Speedway
In car video of me driving laps at Texas Motor Speedway in a 2005 Nextel cup car

Driving a NASCAR Stock Car
I drive a stock car around Texas Motor Speedway.

3 laps at Texas Motor Speedway
A long time ago, my WONDERFUL wife bought me a 10-lap package with Team Texas, where you get to drive a real NASCAR racecar around the same track the real NASCAR drivers race on. I've had the video of it for awhile, but it's about 150 MB... I finally figured out how to cut out a portion of the file and made a clip of just the three laps that were the most representative of the experience: This was quite possibly the most fun I've ever had with my clothes on...... LOL

NASCAR Talladega lap
A lap with a driving school around Talladega on the OLD surface. Rough ride at 170 mph in a Nextel cup car.

Lapping at Texas Motor Speedway with Team Texas
Laps in 650-HP Nextel Cup cars at Texas Motor Speedway - November 2, 2007 Instructors ride in the right seat - passing only allowed on the back straight - speed controlled by the rev limiter. Team Texas runs a fun, safe, thrilling program. www.TeamTexas.com TMS: 1.5-mile asphalt tri-oval, 24 degree banking in the turns, 5 degrees in the straights. Last lap was 41.4 seconds for avg speed of 130.4 MPH. Brian Vickers holds the current qualifying record at TMS (2006): 27.5 seconds for an avg speed of 196 MPH. What a hoot! Wanted to go faster! Sorry for the quality of the video. The cars had worn analog VHS deck recorders, which they transferred to DVD at a low resolution capture, which was then uploaded to YT. A higher resolution version is posted on my channel at www.Stage6.com - search the tags for "SYTube5". You will need to download the free DivX player and a high-speed broadband connection (or a lot of patience) helps - but the quality is better. Enjoy!

#81 Nascar Thunder In-Car Race Footage Pt1
In car footage racing my old #81 Nascar Thunder car at Edmonton International Raceway, 07. 30 Lap Feature. Part 1 of 2 Part 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OClA9MFCMD8

randy day running practice laps street stock nascar racing
randy day running practice laps in the martin motor sports bomber car at northern michigan speedway in elmira michigan dale earnhardt jeff gordon racing car speed in car camera street stock

"Team Texas" - NASCAR Fantasy Driving School
Here is a collection of clips from a day at "TEAM TEXAS" Driving School. This is a "fantasy" event, where you can actually drive a retired former NASCAR Nextel Cup race car. A relative of mine participated, and I went along to document the day.

Stock Cars 1969 - Daytona
Footage from the 1969 documentary entitled "Wild and Wonderful World of Auto Racing"

Spin after instuctor grabs my wheel
This video is from the Yellow group. So I am not a rookie. This was the first event at this track and everyone had an instructor to show us the layout. This in the first 10 laps on this track and I just forgot what was coming and turned in late. I am not saying that the instuctor "caused the spin". My car was out of shape, because I turned in late at turn 5 (now renamed turn 4)at eagle's Canyon Raceway. But Its not the first time that I have lost grip for one reason or another and have recovered from situations far worse. So I am saying that he made it worse. The instructor just seems to have panicked and made an error. Instructors are only human.

Building the 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona 426
This is the build process of the aerodynamic (esp compared to the opposition) AMT ERTL 1/25 scale 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona. And yes, its the third Mopar in a row - the next models up here will be Japanese... The Daytona was Dodge's 1969 Nascar weapon, with which it generally outdid everyone else, particularly as it had an aerodynamic nose section - making the car a fair amount longer - and a wing more suitable to a plane... It was generally unstoppable, particularly as it utilized drum brakes all round!!! Due to outdoing the competition the car was soon outlawed by Nascar, but not before Plymouth did a 'twin', the Superbird, which despite its similar looks, did not share any bodyparts with the Daytona apart from the headlamp buckets! This car's paintscheme was done intentionally to resemble the car from "Joe Dirt", albeit how it would look restored - Shown also in the vid is a General Lee that was done several years back - aside from the obvious differences the two kits were VERY similar to build - well they were the same car to begin with!!! The soundtrack is Queen - "I'm in love with my car" (1975 - vocals by Roger Taylor)

Riding shotgun around Daytona International Speedway
Short video of a hot lap around DIS in a 2008 Chevy Impala. Didn't look at the speedometer til lap 2, when we we're slowed down a bit and it was at 120. No idea what our highest speed was.

1969 nascar race with a crash

Hot Laps around Texas Motor Speedway with NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson in the 2010 Camaro SS
Hot Laps with NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Jimmie Johnson in the 2010 Camaro SS http://www.speedsportlife.com

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