Hot Laps in NASCAR at TMS

I did 10 hot laps in a NASCAR Cup Car at Texas Motor Speedway during a class with Team Texas

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NASCAR driving class - 150 mph
This video is from the dashboard camera of an authentic NASCAR stock car that I drove at Texas Motor Speedway. The driving class is offered by I drove 10 laps and hit 150mph multiple times. A professional driver was in the passenger seat. The price was $214.50 and that was a half price summer special. Well worth it.

Team Texas TMS: first laps
These are my first ever laps behind the wheel of a stock car at Team Texas driving school. The free DVD converter I used only let me post the first few minutes. I got faster as the laps went on, passing 3 cars total in 10 laps. If I can convert the rest, I'll post the entire video. FUN STUFF!!

NASCAR Talladega lap
A lap with a driving school around Talladega on the OLD surface. Rough ride at 170 mph in a Nextel cup car.

Nascar Hot Laps for the Troops. PHX April 2009.
Visitors can ride along with a professional driver at race speeds for one lap on the racetrack. They have drivers coming from Bob Bondurant Racing School who will be driving modified pace cars. Folks can take one hot lap at race speed, plus one warm-up and one cool-down lap,