1978 Mazda RX7 with a nikki carbed 12app

My mazda Rx7, has a 12a peripheral port motor, with a modified nikki carb (the carb it originally come with) It still needs a bit of tuning, its a little bit lean at idle and on the primary circuit, so Ill get that sorted in the next few days, got a bit more power than the motor when it was just extend ported! I will eventually put an IDA on it but will run it like this first at the drags and see what we can get out of it!

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rx7 nikki problems help?
this is my nikki problems, i know the secondaries dont open on a stand still but i know they do open for sure. i never touched timing and the wires go correct. my clutch is fine and compression is good enough

1984 Mazda RX7 GSL
Description: Video of idle and engine bay. 12A engine w/automatic transmission. All emissions removed and cat gutted. Nikki carb rebuilt. Car runs great.

12app RX7 on dyno with a nikki carb 183hp 210nm torque
My 1978 RX7 with a 12app engine with a nikki carb its now 137kw 183hp and was unable to get more out of it due to the factory fuel lines not flowing enough fuel, it was dropping fuel pressure from 4.5psi to 2psi,

1985 RX7 semi-peripheral for sale on Ebay
This is my 85 12a New semi-peripheral port engine. I just installed new Falken tires all around. Needs a little fine tuning, but runs great. Everything in engine new except the carberator. Ebay 290889877764