1978 Mazda RX7 with a nikki carbed 12app

My mazda Rx7, has a 12a peripheral port motor, with a modified nikki carb (the carb it originally come with) It still needs a bit of tuning, its a little bit lean at idle and on the primary circuit, so Ill get that sorted in the next few days, got a bit more power than the motor when it was just extend ported! I will eventually put an IDA on it but will run it like this first at the drags and see what we can get out of it!

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Rx7 4bbl Nikki Carb Float/Aux Slow Circuit Fix
Fixing the float circuit / auxiliary slow circuit. The following is from Bill Carroll's Mazda Rotary Engine Manual, pg. 42 & 43. "b. Float Circuit The float chamber is equipped with a float and a needle valve to keep fuel level constant under all operating conditions. Especially, as a needle valve material the special rubber is adopted more to prevent the fuel from over-flowing. An oil level gauge (sight glass) is provided in the float chamber for easy inspection of fuel level. The ventilation system of the float chamber is of inner circulation type. Thus the fuel consumption is not influenced even if the air cleaner is clogged to a certain extent." "d. Auxiliary Slow Circuit This circuit has been installed to prevent misfiring and knocking which are liable to occur at low load and high revolution due to lean mixture. This is of the structure that a diaphragm responsive to the negative pressure of the secondary side is provided halfway on the circuit with its valve designed to open at a certain extent of the negative pressure, allowing the fuel fed from the secondary step system to pass and proceed to the auxiliary slow jet and then finally the fuel is ejected through the auxiliary slow port to the primary venturi." http://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=nrnoJMEWi_I

12app in 1978 rx7
mazda 12app warming up

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1984 Mazda RX7 GSL
Description: Video of idle and engine bay. 12A engine w/automatic transmission. All emissions removed and cat gutted. Nikki carb rebuilt. Car runs great.