2004 Cobra dyno final numbers

452.49rwhp and 464.95rwtq @ 10psi Mods: Steeda 2.8 pulley Steeda blower belt tensioner 2.5" Flowmaster catback JLT Carbonfiber CAI

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Vortech Supercharged GT dyno
2001 Mustang GT with 10 psi Vortech Supercharger, Trickflow plenum, 75mm BBK throttlebody, UPR o/r x-pipe, weld-in Flowmasters, and MPH tune. Made 391.32rwhp and 392.89rwtq.

04 Cobra Youlost
Whippled Cobra

03 Cobra Dyno tuned at VMP tuning. 2.8 pulley, aftermarket Exhaust, intake, & throttle body & a few other whatnots.

2003 SVT Cobra with full exhaust on the dyno
The car faced some FRPS and Boost bypass/solenoid issues on the Dyno, both of which were troubleshot and solved by Tim Rodeheaver & LaSota Racing. I can't thank those gentlemen enough for the effort they put in to their clients. If you're in southwest PA or West Virginia, check him out at http://www.rodeheavershotrod.com/ The final Dyno numbers are 506rwhp/521rwtq.