Kawasaki Tecate Sand Drag Fall Nationals

Poor little old 25yr old pitiful 250 Kawasaki Tecate against a big nasty stroker alky four stoke briggs and stratton lawn mower engine powered deal...Remember yellow light is the winner....He redlighted in the next race and got second at the Fall Nationals..Jeez....only so many Tecates left and the lawn mower deals keep multiplying like rabbits...Call Corey Sprock..get your engine done...win races..four stroke quads fast? Does an ex-drill sargeant make a good therapist?

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85 Kawasaki Tecate
Testing out the jetting settings on my unfinished Tecate project. Only motor mods are boyseen reeds, DG silencer (stock pipe), 36mm Keihin, and a pvl ignition. Just need a good pipe, a white clarke tank, a hi-flite seat and maybe a larger carb and it's done....for now.

Kawasaki Tecate Sand Drag
My friend that was the four time track champion takes a shot at the Sprock Racing T-4 and my brother trying the T-3. If you look hard enough at both of their back left tires you can see they lined up on a dry hump in the track causing both of the to go sideways during the launch. Rookies....I will post vids of the KX500 T-4, T-3 and the super groovy 86 T-3 when I get them out.

atc tecate 3 wheeler

KX500 Kawasaki Tecate-4 finished...
My son helped me patch it up this morning...it is done...gets a nice little wheelie...with zero traction on the test pad...thats a good sign!!! It wont pull second but KX engines in quads usually dont...I asked him not to jam second because when/if the tires catch-up...it get ugly quick with no front brakes on wet grass...To the track we go...it feels much faster than the others...but who knows...I am really sure it is dialed!!! Alky is next...