Kawasaki Tecate Sand Drag Fall Nationals

Poor little old 25yr old pitiful 250 Kawasaki Tecate against a big nasty stroker alky four stoke briggs and stratton lawn mower engine powered deal...Remember yellow light is the winner....He redlighted in the next race and got second at the Fall Nationals..Jeez....only so many Tecates left and the lawn mower deals keep multiplying like rabbits...Call Corey Sprock..get your engine done...win races..four stroke quads fast? Does an ex-drill sargeant make a good therapist?

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Albany Sand Drags memorial weekend
Just a few of the cars and quads racing down at the track this memorial weekend at the Albany sand drags

1985 Tecate / Shear Drag Pipe / Sprock Racing Cool Head
My Son Joshuas 1985 Tecate , getting it ready for the first Sand Drag Race of the 2013 ( NAPA Speedway Park, Thedirt300 Albuquerque NM ) Season this Saturday, hopefully we will have a good year, my 6 year old will also be Sand Drag Racing his Kasea Quad and my Daughter will be Sand Drag Racing in her Tri Zinger 3 and hopefully my 1986 T will be ready for the second Race with a new PVL Racing Ignition System. 05/02/2013

Hassy sand drags 1-1-11
sands drags and my friend's crash on the zx-14

atc tecate 3 wheeler