Ford Capri 350 drag 1

Drag race.

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Ford Capri 350 drag 2
drag race.

Ford Capri 350 drag 3
drag race.

Ford Capri 2jz 12,2s @191kmh in the rain with clutch slipping and soft lunch
Everyday street car shows up and beats the competition with low Boost and its not built for the drag strip and drives home with the car as it came Drag Racing in SA, Tarlton Raceway/ ODI Raceway/ Smiles Raceway/ Street Racing AND much much more

Second start up of my 351 W 81 Capri1
Second start up of my 81 Capri. 351-W, mechanical flat tappet cam, .500 lift, Proform 750 mechanical secondary, Procomp heads, BBK long tube 1 3/4 primary tube, Professional Products single plain intake, MDS distributor.