Ford Lynx RS (A) Advertisement Ian & Ivan Khong Full Version I

This is the full version of the final ending of the TVC for Ford Lynx RS (A) done by PRS. Stunts were performed by Ian Khong and Ivan Khong. Sons to 5 times Malaysian Rally Champion Y.S.Khong and former race driver for Ford, both Ian & Ivan took the cars directly from the plant to the locations for the filming. Cars were pure stock standard off the production line, and were AMI's PP cars. Thanks to the product planning team of Chang, Yap, Charan, Shankar, Sasi and many more. To the marketing team of T.H.Chong, Wai Shin, Spencer, Adeline, and many more for making this advert possible. The full advert was screened during the KLIMs motorshow in KL 2003. The Ford Lynx RS (A) was the first ever 2.0L sedan launched in Malaysia with a Limited Edition Full Recaro Kit, sunroof, 16" alloy wheels, Nardi Steering Wheel, and Body Kit. No other manufacturer in Malaysia has ever done that with a 2.0L passenger sedan. No other manufacturer has ever done two cars drifting side by side for it local assembled vehicles for a TVC. Ford Malaysia will go into the history books for being the only company to ever engage 2 precision drivers who are brothers and to do the only TVC with 2 vehicles in a tandem drift for a TVC car ad in Malaysia.

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Boosted Ford Lynx RS
When I was at HP Racing in the Philippines, this Ford Lynx came by and I fell in love. It sounds so damn sexy.

福特Ford RS Tierra intro
福特FORD RS Tierra 2.0介紹影片

Ford Lynx Racing Team & Track Day .mpg
Ford Malaysia showcased their Ford Lynx Ghia alongside with the Ford Lynx Racing Team which comprised of drivers Ian Khong & Ivan Khong. The Ford Lynx Racing car was built by YSKhong, 5 times Malaysian Rally Champion as a Tarmac Rally initiative to demonstrate the Lynx's awesome handling capabilities. The Ford Lynx Tarmac Rally car was the first ever Ford Lynx unit brought into Malaysia and shown at the 2001 Kuala Lumpur International Motorshow. The car was completed in 2 months for the Tarmac Rally Assault, and piloted by Ian Khong, it went on to win 2nd Overall in the Championships 2002 Tarmac Rally series and no testing was ever done prior to the rally. All testing and development was done during the actual competition. On the final Round of the Championship, Ian led the rally from SS1 to SS13 and had secured a lead of over 4 mins, and it was going to be a perfect win as the final stage was only a 2km Super Special. However, the car's ignition coil gave way, and Ian had to drive with only a 3 piston firing engine, and lost the rally by a mere 5 seconds, to a Mitsubishi Evolution 6 4wd, TM Edition driven by Sunter. Due to that, Ian and Ford took 2nd Overall in the 2002 Tarmac Rally Championships missing by a mere 1 point. It was an outstanding achievement for a team put together on such a short time, and coming in 2nd on it debut year, proved that the Ford Lynx was a car to be reckon with. The car had a 1.8 DOHC turbo Engine, and was only a Front Wheel Drive. The Ford Lynx Racing Team comprised of volunteers externally , Ken Yap , Richard Chen, Mike Chen, Ivan Ng, Gary Lee, Allan Phang, Jonathon Tan, Jonathon Chung, Jerry Chan, Andy Kow. The team behind Ford comprised of, Deb Aronson, T.H.Chong, Spencer Lee, JC Yap, Jane Tan, Chang FC, WWShin, Sasikumar, Richard Ho, VMenon and many others.

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