Ford Lynx RS (A) Advertisement Ian & Ivan Khong Full Version I

This is the full version of the final ending of the TVC for Ford Lynx RS (A) done by PRS. Stunts were performed by Ian Khong and Ivan Khong. Sons to 5 times Malaysian Rally Champion Y.S.Khong and former race driver for Ford, both Ian & Ivan took the cars directly from the plant to the locations for the filming. Cars were pure stock standard off the production line, and were AMI's PP cars. Thanks to the product planning team of Chang, Yap, Charan, Shankar, Sasi and many more. To the marketing team of T.H.Chong, Wai Shin, Spencer, Adeline, and many more for making this advert possible. The full advert was screened during the KLIMs motorshow in KL 2003. The Ford Lynx RS (A) was the first ever 2.0L sedan launched in Malaysia with a Limited Edition Full Recaro Kit, sunroof, 16" alloy wheels, Nardi Steering Wheel, and Body Kit. No other manufacturer in Malaysia has ever done that with a 2.0L passenger sedan. No other manufacturer has ever done two cars drifting side by side for it local assembled vehicles for a TVC. Ford Malaysia will go into the history books for being the only company to ever engage 2 precision drivers who are brothers and to do the only TVC with 2 vehicles in a tandem drift for a TVC car ad in Malaysia.

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Boosted Ford Lynx RS
When I was at HP Racing in the Philippines, this Ford Lynx came by and I fell in love. It sounds so damn sexy.

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福特FORD RS Tierra 2.0介紹影片

JS排氣管~福特 FORD~TIERRA 2.0 RS 改牛角76鈦尾四出尾段排氣管 (聲音檔)
JS排氣管~福特 FORD~TIERRA 2.0 RS 改牛角76鈦尾四出尾段排氣管 (聲音檔)

2003年 Ford Tierra RS 2.0 晶片鑰匙&遙控器全丟 無樣配製
我真的不希望在下雨天工作,剛接到客人來電要求時,我覺 好不想去做這個KS,因為雷雨真的很兇猛,我可能會變成落 湯雞吧. 短暫的停雨時間30分鐘,剛好讓我完成了這個工作,車子離 現場,雨也剛好開始落下,這是老天爺的好心意嗎? 感恩! 只要你要求,我都會去幫你解決鑰匙不見的困擾,別緊張,不 要怕. 鑰匙要照顧好,若全不見的話,再來找我吧. 寶元汽車晶片鑰匙配鎖中心 各種汽車晶片鑰匙複製及無樣配製 店址:台中市烏日區光日路160號 TEL:04-23387867 行動:0920-158767 Skype:rockjoe2 Facebook:卡巴王子(楊明勳)