2001 dodge ram 2500 24 valve cummins knocking

2001 ram 2500 turbodiesel knocking recently. Seems to be coming from the torque converter/flexplate area, has good oil pressure. Broken/cracked flexplate maybe? Sounds kinda like a rod knock, but just started making this recently, maintenance has been done regularly. 190k miles. Any input??

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2002 Dodge Ram w/ Engine Knock
this is a video of my 02 dodge ram with the engine knocking

99 cummins 24 valve knocking noise
My cummins had a knock. Ran great for 2 years and 40k miles. Almost hated to replace it.

24v cummins knock
I am not sure what the knocking noise is?

Dodge Diesel Cummins 5.9 Knocking Noise
I have a 2003 Dodge Diesel Cummins 5.9 with a loud knocking noise. I have viewed many videos on youtube with similar sounds, but no follow up diagnosis. Here is the sound, perhaps you have somthing similar or some idea what it could be. From what I have read on youtube, it could be the flex plate, fuel injector, or broken rocker arm. I called the Cummins dealership and they suggested that it may need an engine rebuild or fule injector. I am taking it to the local shop tomorrow to get a mechanic's opinion. Will keep you posted. DAY 1: The shop said that they were going to check the fuel injectors. DAY 2: Not the fuel injectors. Shop will check flex plate but wants to order part to have on hand first. DAY 3: Part arrived. Pulled transmission back, started truck, same knocking noise. Not flex plate or anything to do with transmission. *#&%! Shop will test piston compression. AFTER A FEW MORE DAYS they were not able to check compression because my shop did not have the appropriate tools. I brought the truck home and with the help of a friend, pulled the engine. It is definitely the #6 cylinder. Piston is loose and there appears to be a little bit of scoring on the sidewalls of the cylinder. I am in the process of pulling the piston out to know for sure. Will keep you posted. UPDATE: Ended up putting in a used 5.9 motor. Still have the old motor in garage. Have not torn it apart yet...too heavy to do by myself.