2001 dodge ram 2500 24 valve cummins knocking

2001 ram 2500 turbodiesel knocking recently. Seems to be coming from the torque converter/flexplate area, has good oil pressure. Broken/cracked flexplate maybe? Sounds kinda like a rod knock, but just started making this recently, maintenance has been done regularly. 190k miles. Any input??

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99 cummins 24 valve knocking noise
My cummins had a knock. Ran great for 2 years and 40k miles. Almost hated to replace it.

24v cummins knock
I am not sure what the knocking noise is?

2002 Dodge Ram w/ Engine Knock
this is a video of my 02 dodge ram with the engine knocking

Cummins Engine Knock 2
2004.5 Ram 2500 Cummins Engine knock