VW Bug Engine Start 1914c

my engine running, it has stock muffler, 1914cc cw crank 94 pistons 110 engle ported stock heads etc. runs pretty good!!

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Arturo B 1914cc 130HP package Killer package
1914cc built by Chico at Chico Performance for Arturo's 56 Oval window nice little sleeper will look stock but this 1914cc packs a punch putting out 134HP@6000 RPM Arturo will enjoy his little power plant for years to come. Thanks Chico

1914cc package basic package making 110HP 121TQ
1914cc TM20 camshaft 40 x 35.5 valve single high rev spring 8.1 compression bugpack s.cut cam gears 44IDF Weber 36mm vents

71 VW Bug Engine Running
Trying to get my wifes 71 Bug to stay running. Need to adjust the rods. And you can tell the started needs to be checked out and replaced!

1914cc engine test
Engine test after fixing a case saver.