VW Bug Engine Start 1914c

my engine running, it has stock muffler, 1914cc cw crank 94 pistons 110 engle ported stock heads etc. runs pretty good!!

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DoveBlue.11Windows.Bus Engine.AVI
First run for the 2.3L engine of Pat's "Dove Blue 11 windows project" Aluminium case, Okrasa 82.4 crankshaft, A/A 94 Pistons, 5.3 Carillo rods, Scat C45 camshaft, reworked "Round Port Style" 044 cylinder head, 42x37.5 valves, 1.25 rockers and a pair of 44 IDF Webers More about this Bus project on our Weblog : http://patvw.skynetblogs.be/tag/dove+blue+11+windows

Beetle engine first run
Freshly built bug engine starts for the first time.

2054cc Kombi Engine, New Build. Initial running on Engine Stand Before fitting.
New Build 2054cc Kombi Engine, 2054cc, 94mm Barrels & Pistons, 74mm Stroke Crankshaft. Engle 110 Cam, 1.25 Ratio Rockers, Chromemoly Pushrods, Progressive Twin Weber Carb, Big Valve Empi heads with Hemi cut, Compression set at 9.5 to 1.

green turbo bug
start up 1914cc turbo bug late night