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Ricky's Dragster Garage 37

More of bringing "Climax" to a climax.


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Ricky's Dragster Garage 38
More of the Ketchup Series of Ricky's Dragster Garages. So much video...so little time. Now that the cackle events are done for the year, I can ATTEMPT bring you up to speed on Ricky's work. Enjoy...

Ricky's Dragster Garage 32
The Gualala Adventure continues...

Ricky's Dragster Garage 34
Krista Baldwin's drag racing adventure continues... This clip had 52 initial hits before I saw that I had to correct some typos. And you can get ahold of Rick MacDonald, of "Pro-Air Motorsports", at (760) 443-1439. That's it for now. Later... Bill Pitts A Fan

Ricky's Dragster Garage 39
Now it's the Magicar's turn to come to life. Complete with beautiful white zoomie headers. Enjoy...

Ricky's Dragster Garage 79
After a long absence because of a family illness, I'm back over at Ricky's for a quick report on the going's on at Ricky's Dragster Garage.

Ricky's Dragster Garage 29
The Gualala Adventure. Part 1. Part 2 is being built, so "Stay tuned." ;) Thanks. Bill Pitts A Fan

Dode's Deal 2014 2
More Dragster fire up at Dode's Deal. Enjoy.

Semi Trucks Drag Racing | Дальнобой наваливает №1

Ricky's Dragster Garage 42
We're at the 2012 California Hot Rod Reunion.

Ricky's Dragster Garage 52
Sam Chastain is about to tell the story of the Mercedes Benz deal, and then the final fire up for "Iron Horse" at Ricky's Dragster Garage. Enjoy.

Dode's Deal 2014 1
It's Dode annual party at his home in Fallbrook, California. What an amazing event it is. Enjoy…

Plane vs Car at Northwest Regional Airport in Roanoke Texas
Not my video, all rights go to original photographer (Davis family - Pilot's wife) and WFAA. Just sharing the video. Please read description. I have turned on comments, but please please try to keep it civil. A male diver (Female was the passenger, male was driving SUV) of a black SUV fails to stop at a crossing that is at the very end of the start of the runway at Northwest Regional Airport in Roanoke. The road is marked with STOP and there is a sign to yield to aircraft. Driver does not even slow down or make an attempt to stop and the plane clips the roof. Yes the aircraft was too low on their approach, but this is why the STOP painted on the road is there. Driver claims to not have see the airplane, well you did not even make an attempt to look as you did not stop buddy. This type of crossing is not uncommon in the USA and the airport says they have tried to fix this, but the property owner on the other side will not sell the land to make a new road. I go to this airport often for the Blue Hanger Restaurant and this is where the couple in the SUV was going. I have often had to wait for an airplane to land and always stop, but usually I am on my motorcycle so I can see everything. When I am in my car I will stop, look out the widow and take time to look for air craft. I will also look as I am driving on the road with my window down before the turn where you first see the black SUV on the very left for a brief second at 0:06. I have never had a problem seeing the aircraft from either street. The SUV driver my opinion was not paying attention to their surrounding and should know better as it was reported they often go to the Blue Hanger. Video was provided to all the local TV stations from the Davis family. See video of a plane landing at the same airport from earlier this year that I took. This will show you just how low they can be and why you need to stop and look. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RViyJZ22TGk This is a video to show driving on the frontage road of the runway and the truck in front of the motorcycle stopping to make sure there are no planes landing. (Note start video at 21:00 minutes) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFhmcuIVHOs&t=21m00s Video original link http://www.wfaa.com/news/local/denton/Caught-on-Tape-Roanoake-177177461.htm l Making Roanoke's airport safer for motorists http://www.wfaa.com/news/local/denton/Making-Roanokes-airport-safer-for-mot orists-177370681.html

Ricky's Dragster Garage 28
Krista Baldwin heads for Barona Raceway. And the outing will hopefully result in a "Competition License". Let's see how she does. By the way... Anybody looking to get ahold of Ricky--here's his number: 760-443-1439. And after 201 initial hits and some minor corrections. Here is a new and improved episode. Enjoy... Bill Pitts A Fan

Ricky's Dragster Garage 41
More at the garage...

Radial vs The World - Fastest Drag Radial Cars Video Coverage
Radial vs The World Video Coverage from No Mercy from SGMP Duck X Productions! 1/8th Mile Drag Racing Like The Video? Show me by Giving it a Like, Subscribing, and Sharing! Every little thing helps, Thanks! Make Sure you Check out our Website for Blogs, Photos, and More at: http://www.TheRacingVids.com Make sure you Keep up with the Videos by Subscribing to the Youtube Channel! http://www.Youtube.com/user/TheRacingVids/ Give Our Facebook Fan Page a Like at: http://www.Facebook.com/TheRacingVids Follow our Instagram for Photos and Exclusive Videos at: http://instagram.com/Steventrv Steventrv

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1972 Nissan PICKUP : 9.300 @ 144.000
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