Kenne bell 2.8 mammoth dyno

734HP and 640TQ 23psi

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Kenne Bell 2v
best pass of the day was a 12.250 @ 113 with a 1.89 60 foot First time out with the car in its current form. The 100 degree Sacramento, Ca heat didn't help much either. Still learning how to get an IRS car out the hole. second interior view my foot slipped off the go pedal going into 4th (Fail) 1.7 Kenne Bell @ 13PSI Bone Stock Long Block Full boltons T56 IRS 4.10

78mm turbo Cobra vs 2.8 Kenne Bell Cobra

9.82@139 - 03 Cobra - 2.8H Kenne Bell - 6speed - IRS -- 9 second Cobra -- Terminator

'03 Cobra with a Kenne Bell 2.8H Mammoth Dyno pull with results
2003 SVT Cobra with a Kenne Bell 2.8H Mammoth, Teksid aluminum Block, CNC Ported Heads, BBK Longtube Headers, BBK catted x-pipe, Borla stinger catback Exhaust. Made 679 rwhp and 576 rwtq on 23 psi. SAE corrected. Tuned by Pete at Performance Dyno in Loudon NH