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Kenne bell 2.8 mammoth dyno

734HP and 640TQ 23psi


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2012 First Start - 2.6L Kenne Bell 2V Mustang

Kenne Bell 2.8 Mammoth Supercharged Mustang on the Dyno
1996 Mustang 2V big bore stroker with Trickflow heads on 8 lbs. of Boost. 425rwhp/450rwtq. I was very disappointed with these numbers. My 1/4 mi. trap speed of 124.53 and the car+driver weight of 3520 indicates to me that the car has about 560fwhp so I was expecting closer to 480-490rwhp. What I do like is the shape of the torque curve, broad and flat. That is why I went with a twin screw, instant Boost at any rpm. See my other videos for the list of mods to this car.

Kenne Bell 2v
best pass of the day was a 12.250 @ 113 with a 1.89 60 foot First time out with the car in its current form. The 100 degree Sacramento, Ca heat didn't help much either. Still learning how to get an IRS car out the hole. second interior view my foot slipped off the go pedal going into 4th (Fail) 1.7 Kenne Bell @ 13PSI Bone Stock Long Block Full boltons T56 IRS 4.10

2008 Ford Mustang, Street Driving (SherrodMustang) Kenne Bell 2.8 Mammoth Supercharger
2008 Ford Mustang Some street driving of my custom 2008 Ford Mustang GT. This car is a beast at 888rwhp and 30+lbs of Boost. But, tame enough for everyday stop and go driving in mid day heat and traffic. Awesome Machine!

2004 Cobra with Kenne Bell
2004 Mustang Cobra. 4.6L, stock 4V heads with Forged internals set at 8.75:1 compression. Custom Bullet Camshafts/springs, 2.8L Kenne Bell set at 17psi. 93 octane. Car made 644rwhp and 674rwtq. Look at the tq curve, it basically stays above 600tq the entire time!!! Built at DBR High Performance in Spring Hill Tennessee just south of Nashville.

Ellie: KB Mammoth Cobra Vert
700+ rwhp Cobra Vert on the road, on the Dyno and at the track.

LOUD Kenne Bell Blower Whine - GoPro Mic Test
Kenne Bell Blower Whine - GoPro Mic Test This is a Mic test on a GoPro Hero 2 action cam. I use the Polar Stereo Mic with the built in wind sock, the Olympus ME-51S and the built-in camera Mic with the Skeleton case. I test it at various speeds and locations.

Kenne Bell 2.8 Mammoth Mustang 5.92 @ 117 mph
Ken's S197 Mustang @ 3800 lbs with driver, running a 2.8 Mammoth Kenne Bell Supercharger @ 22 psi, 850 rwhp, 323 cid big bore stroker. 5.92 in the 1/8th is approx a 9.2X in the 1/4.

2001 Mustang GT Kenne Bell 2.8H Dyno
Kenne Bell Mustang GT 2v with Kenne Bell 2.8H. Dynoed and tuned by Hal at Ford & Bryant in Phoenix, NY. Dyno is a Superflow Autodyn SF840.

2011 GT Kenne Bell 2.8 vs. 2010 Lambo SuperLeggera
2011 Mustang GT KENNE BELL 2.8 www.kennebell.net M&H Radials PUMP GAS AUTOMATIC vs. 2010 Lamborghini SuperLeggera IN MEXICO...

Kenne Bell 2.8 Mammoth 1996 Mustang 2V Big Bore Stroker
This is the first of the new 2.8 Mammoth tuner kits to be installed on a 96. It is not tuned yet. I am tuning it using a TweecerRT. Engine is a Boss 5.0 Ford Racing Block with DSS Racing stroker rotating assembly (displacement=5.3 liters), Trickflow 2V heads and Comp Cams 102700 cams, BBK ceramic coated long tube headers, H-pipe, and Flowmaster cat back. Transmission is a T45 upgraded with 26 spline input shaft, billet shifter forks and Pro5,0 shifter. It has a Ford Racing clutch disk with a Spec pressure plate. 3.73 gears in the rear end. Suspension mods include Mach I springs with Tokiko Blue shocks and struts and Cobra lower control arms in front and Maximum Motorsports lowers in the rear. Before the blower was installed, the car put down 352rwhp on the chassis Dyno and my best 1/4 mile time was 12.711@111. Here is the car at the drag strip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10AJuJFCOt0&feature=youtu.be

2003 cobra 2.8L kenne bell

04 Cobra Kenne Bell 2.8 Dyno By Kurgan Motorsports
04 Cobra KB 2.8 Dyno tuned by Bob Kurgan. This is with a tune on low Boost. Soon will go up to 23psi.

9.82@139 - 03 Cobra - 2.8H Kenne Bell - 6speed - IRS -- 9 second Cobra -- Terminator

Full bolt ons, kb, on street tires; makes 680 to the tires on pump gas.

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