Tundra vs Silverado 1

Ok. I am tired of hearing this is not a fair run That's a load of shot. Anyone who knows anything about this knows it ain't all about Motor. Watch pull number 5. I'm a chevy and a tundra fan. We didn't do this to prove anything goes it was for fun. So keep your cappy comments to yourself

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Tundra vs Silverado 2
Pull 2

Tundra vs Silverado 3
Pull 3

Tundra vs Silverado 4
pull 4 chevy starts to pull then tundra hits the gas and they both are stopped

5.7L Dodge Ram vs 5.7L Toyota Tundra
06 RAM - K&N Cold Air Intake, Diablosport Predator 91 Octane Tune 07 Tundra - STOCK! The Tundra owner debadged his truck. That's why you don't see the iForce 5.7 badge in the video.