Korry Hogan 6.12 Bandimere Speedway

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Larry "Spiderman" McBride vs Kory Hogan
Top Fuel Motorcycle Drag Racing Top Fuel Finals AMADragbike Atco Raceway Atco, New Jersey Winner Kory Hogen.....5.965 @ 245.63 mph Defeats Spidermans' ..6.022 @ 235.02 mph

Korry Hogan World's First 250 MPH Motorcycle Drag Race Pass
Korry Hogan makes the World's First 250 MPH Motorcycle Pass. Norwalk Ohio October 2008 during qualifying.

Dave Vantine vs. Korry Hogan
Dave Vantine vs. Korry Hogan

Top Fuel Nitro Motorcycle Dragbike - Korry Hogan 5.84et @ 243mph in the 1/4 mile!
Dragbike Live was on location at the Manufacturers Cup Finals held November 12-14 2010 at South Georgia Motorsports Park in Georgia when Top Fuel motorcycle drag racer Korry Hogan made his first pass since coming out of early retirement. Hogan is the first and only drag racer to break the 250mph barrier. After a near horrific crash in 2009 at this same track aboard this same Top Fuel motorcycle, Korry was back in 2010 with a fixed frame and let the rest of the field know he was coming back with a vengeance! Straight off the trailer with a 5.84 elapsed time @ 243 miles per hour!